Battlefield 5’s Firestorm Battle Royale | Release Date and more

Battlefield V Firestorm Battle Royale Release Date

Battlefield 5 is entering the world of battle royale with its own BR called Firestorm. The Battlefield 5 Firestorm release date is March 25th. See the details of this new game mode below…

EA DICE have been frequently releasing new content as of late and their attempt at a battle royale game mode could transform the franchise altogether. Battlefield 5 Firestorm has a slightly different concept to current BR’s, but this could attract a lot of players.

How many players in Battlefield V’s Firestorm?

There will be 64 players in Battlefield 5’s new battle royale game mode, including 16 squads.

Firestorm Battle Royale concept and details

DICE have revealed an array of details regarding Firestorm which we’ll detail below.

  • The circle will be a ring of fire that slowly decreases in size
  • As well as transport vehicles, BF5 provides tanks to wipe out squads
  • Earn rare gear by securing objectives
  • The battle royale map will be Battlefield’s biggest ever
  • Matches are tied to your Company and Battlefield V progression
Battlefield 5's Firestorm Character Concept.
Battlefield 5 Firestorm Character Concept

Firestorm Objectives

There will be three different Objectives in a Firestorm match and they will be similar to the ones in the Conquest game mode. These can be found at random or fixed locations, with different vehicles, weapons, and supplies. You’ll play the Objectives with your squad, to unlock the best gear to maximize your chances of winning.

Biggest Battlefield Map Ever

You’ll be playing Firestorm on the largest map ever in the series. As the same as other battle royales, you’ll start with no loadout/equipment and you’ll need to loot to gain items. The idea is to secure Objectives and control landmarks, but they’ll obviously be contested.

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Battlefield 5 Firestorm Vehicles

Imagine driving around current battle royales in a tank? You’ll be able to do exactly that on this map. These will be better used in combat, or you can have a quick getaway with a smaller transport vehicle, which alternatively can be used to travel around for loot.

Battlefield 5's Firestorm

As Firestorm has a unique concept compared to current battle royales, we have a feeling this will become one of the biggest BR’s on the market. We may not see it make the start that Apex Legends did, although if it lives up to expectations, word will soon get around.

Once further details are revealed, including certain types of loot and the exact Battlefield 5 Firestorm release date, we’ll update you straight away. What are your thoughts about EA DICE’s first attempt at a battle royale? Will you be playing it once it has launched?


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