EA Release Official Battlefield V Launch Trailer

Official Battlefield V Launch Trailer

The latest instalment within one of EA’s biggest franchises has officially been released for Origin Access Premier and Origin Access Basic/EA Access subscribers. Prior to Battlefield V‘s launch, EA DICE has released the official launch trailer for the game.

Official Battlefield V Launch Trailer

Battlefield V will be launching worldwide on November 20th. Although, as stated above, some players have already managed to get their hands on the game.

Explore unseen and untold locations. Use weapon mechanics and modernized movement to lead your squad to victory. Customize the soldiers and equipment in your Company.

Experience all-out warfare with Battlefield V. A World War 2 representation like you’ve never experienced before. Players can partake in a mix of new and iconic multiplayer modes. Players will be able to participate in Multiplayer with up to 64 players – a player count which is typically associated with the franchise.

Another mode which is typically associated with Battlefield is War Stories. The single-player mode allows us to capture the large-scale war through personal stories.

Furthermore, a slightly familiar genre to the entire gaming community will be implemented into the game. Firestorm, Battlefield’s take on Battle Royale, will be making its way into the game. Battle Royale appears to be an astonishing success for games that include the mode correctly. According to a recent update, fans will unfortunately be waiting until March 2019 to get their hands on it.

Battlefield V Firestorm - Battle Royale

After the game’s official reveal back in May, controversy soon sparked after a large majority of fans disagreed with some of the decisions made. Soon after, EA were quick to make a comment regrading the situation, in which allegedly resulted with a huge drop in pre-orders.

Previously, the reveal trailer for the upcoming addition of the Battlefield franchise had a shocking amount of dislikes, approximately over 495,000! However, it appears that things may have been turned around within the past few months. At the time of posting this, the Battlefield V launch trailer has significantly more likes than dislikes.


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