Battlefield V at EA Play 2018 | New Details & More

Battlefield V

Battlefield V had just been showcased at E3. As part of the EA access stage show, an epic and impressive tone has well and truly been set. Thankfully, we have already had a taste of Battlefield V a few weeks ago at the live Battlefield V reveal and trailer, hosted by Trevor Noah. The whole gaming community, whether Battlefield fans or not, have been thoroughly impressed by the trailer for the game. Not only do we, once again have an impressive world visually that is both immersive and dynamic, but we can see the unique, innovative and intense gameplay in both single-player and multiplayer online.

Battlefield V News & Features

A huge selling point throughout the Battlefield franchise has been the maps and how they react to and around you. With the ability to change the terrain on previous Battlefields, a serene landscape can quickly become a hell-like arena with no safety or moment of reprise. A tactically driven tank, well-placed motor or fallen enemy zeppelin, all have changed the pace of the game. This will be something that continues on through Battlefield V, with no place totally safe to hide anymore.

Battlefield V destruction

Other gameplay enhancements include the ability to dive and smash through windows. By having a new attack approach we are provided with an invigorating and surprising new way to attack enemies. Doors were always a lookout point in previous Battlefield games due to their ability to be destroyed, but now windows (if accessible by a land/rooftop) can be utilised on both strategic offensive attacks or defensive retreat manoeuvres.

Moveable defences and large weapons are another new features within this game. Previously, these have been stationary and fixed to a location on the map. But now with the help of a tank or large vehicle, you can move these around the map to any position for an additional strategic advantage. The benefits of this new feature include not only the option to rain down a wave of bullets and shells but to also perhaps flush an enemy team out of a bunker or to channel enemies to a certain location. This will be fun in all game modes but considerably more useful in objective-based modes such as capture the flag.

Customisation & More

A large part of popular games is the option to customise your character. Some games feature this based on class or utility, whereas others are fully cosmetic based. Battlefield V will take advantage of both these purposes. Weapons, vehicles and characters can fully be edited, adding a unique flair of individuality on the battlefield whilst also retaining the World War 2 feel.

Battlefield V customisation

War Stories is another addition and will be a new dynamic single player game mode which aims to capture and pay homage to the heroes of war. With both respect and impact, we will experience the stories and fights through the eyes of the soldiers themselves. More of this can be seen live tomorrow at the Xbox briefing at E3 2018.

Also, with the removal of loot boxes and no need for a premium pass to play content, all players can experience the whole life cycle of Battlefield V starting on October 19th (October 16th with Deluxe Edition game). As the game continues to develop and grow with new content, weapons and modes, the love for this new exciting title will grow in tandem.

More news and information will come tomorrow as part of the Xbox briefing press conference for E3 2018.


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