Could We See Battlefield V Battle Royale Mode?

Battlefield V Battle Royale - Battlefield 5

Battlefield 5 is due to come out this year. EA Games will be giving out information about the game during EA Play June 9th, 11:00 PDT. With the leaks and rumors that Call of Duty will capitalize on the growing success of the Battle Royale Mode seen in PUBG and Fortnite, is there any surprise that Battlefield V Battle Royale could be the next game to follow suit?

Battlefield V Battle Royale

A prototype insider for the game studio recently revealed that EA Games have created a prototype for Battle Royale. However, the mode will not be ready in time for the game’s release in October this year.

Due to this, players of the game could see the Battle Royale mode released later on as part of the DLC. Or there is a chance it could be released as a free update. If worse comes to worse, EA could bin the idea altogether. At this point, EA has refused to comment.

Adding a Battle Royale mode to Battlefield would surely be easy. Currently, the game’s servers can withstand a large number of players. Plus, the maps are already large which would suit the Battle Royale style of play.

But if they decide to release a Battlefield V Battle Royale mode it would be following the footsteps of Call of Duty Black Ops 4. The makers of the game recently confirmed that a Battle Royale Mode was in the pipelines.

With Call of Duty being Battlefield’s biggest rival, the addition of a Battle Royale Mode to both games will ramp up the rivalry.

Battlefield V

This game will follow on from Battlefield 1’s timeline of World War One. Taking place during the Second World War, it will feature a solo play campaign.

A co-op play will also be included, but it may vary from Battlefield 1. Some sources suggest that it could feature a more objective-based multiplayer mode rather than the 32 man Team Deathmatch style that we saw in Battlefield 1. This is pure speculation at this point as EA have only let few details slip.

How do you feel about a Battlefield Battle Royale Mode? Do you think it will work or will it just add to the tsunami of current BR games and fall through the cracks? Let us know at @BattlefieldVWW2.


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