Battlefield V Reveal Receives Backlash with Almost More Dislikes Than Likes, Here’s Why

Battlefield V Reveal Receives Backlash

The new Battlefield V trailer was released just over a few days ago. However, many fans are not happy with what the Battlefield V trailer includes. Complaints have been made surrounding the historical inaccuracy of the game, amongst other things.

Battlefield V Backlash

The game is set in World War Two. This is an obvious follow up from Battlefield 1 which was set in the First World War. However, one fan said, “To me, it basically just looks like Battlefield 1 in a different era, with a few odds and ends on top”.

This reflects what many fans have thought about the reveal. A lot of fans expected something that hadn’t been done already – or at least to the same extent as WWII. Furthermore, many were underwhelmed with the setting as Call of Duty: World War Two came out just last year. One Reddit user says he wished the game had had more of a Vietnam-war setting.

Historical Inaccuracy

A lot of fans have complained about the historical inaccuracy in the game. For example, one of the suspected main characters is a woman with a metal arm. To start with, many fans of the franchise have complained that women were not involved in fighting during the war. Because of this, they say it takes away from the ‘realistic’ element of the game.

Although many women were focused primarily on domestic jobs or other jobs to help the war effort, some women did fight for their country. The American Army saw groups such as the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps and the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASPS). The Soviet Army and the French Resistance also allowed women to fight. However, from the trailer, the game does seem to be based on the British Army.

If the game had been set from the Eastern Front of the war they might have included a famous, female Russian sniper. Lyudmila Palvichenko has been credited with 309 sniper kills during the Second World War. She rightfully holds the title of ‘Most Successful Female Sniper of All Time’. If the makers of the game wished to stay true to historical narrative they definitely could have included Palvichenko. Regardless, many fans are unhappy with the inclusion of potential female leads in the game.

Furthermore, the fact that the lead female has a metal arm is evidently not very historically accurate. This one is pretty self explanatory. It has left those in the community to question if they could be potentially getting a steam-punk or alternative history version of World War Two. Some would prefer this. However, Battlefield V has not been marketed as such a game thus far, so it is hard to say if this is their intentions.

Other Complaints

Some have described the trailer as ‘too colorful’. The popular opinion of World Wars is that they were a dark and gritty time. Although this perception could be due to the nature of images produced from this time, the trailer definitely does not follow the traditions. Some issues have been brought up surrounding the colorful uniforms that the lead characters appear to be wearing in the trailer. Again, this ties into the historical inaccuracy complaints but this is a very specific thing to pick up on in such a fast paced trailer.

EA always tend to go for ‘fun over authenticity’ in their games, and I think that really shows in the Battlefield V trailer. The game won’t include every aspect of a British soldier’s life anyway – so the argument for historical accuracy is not really valid.


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