Battlefield V Reveal Date & What To Expect – ‘Never Be The Same’

Battlefield V Reveal Date WW2

Battlefield is one of the most popular First Person Shooter Franchises. Since the first game release in 2002, Battlefield has been Call of Duty’s closest market competitor. Battlefield as a whole has been heralded for its realistic graphics, large-scale maps and accurate gun/bullet physics. These factors, as well as the large fan base, have helped cement the Battlefield series as an FPS classic. The last title was in 2016 with the highly successful Battlefield 1 set in World War 1. Since then we have received little to no news on any upcoming titles, until recently. Over the last week, there has been an interesting development regarding a possible Battlefield V reveal date and other news.

Battlefield V reveal date and further news

Easter eggs are a large part of most games now and have been used for many years as a clever marketing ploy. Not only do they create a new dynamic for gamers and easter egg hunters but they can also be used to give clues for DLC’s and upcoming titles. EA games and DICE (the Battlefield developers) are more than aware of this. The easter egg which has sparked a lot of recent interest is actually found in the latest DLC for Battlefield 1.

All indications and easter eggs point towards the Battlefield V reveal date (Battlefield 2018). It would make sense that this next Battlefield title will be called Battlefield 5 or Battlefield V so for the purpose of the article that is how we shall refer to it.

The main area of focus was found within the Fort De Vaux map in the Battlefield 1: They Shall Not Pass expansion. In the map itself, there was a chamber with dripping pipes throughout. Keen-eyed players soon realised that the pattern and frequency of the “dripping water” were reminiscent to that of Morse Code. With this theory in mind, the sounds were deciphered to spell out something rather interesting. A website featuring the hashtag #Battlefield and a date of May 23rd was what was uncovered via the morse code. You can view this for yourself here.

It would, therefore, appear that the 23rd May is the date in which we can expect some exciting news about the next Battlefield title (Battlefield 5/V). However, it should be noted that this potential Battlefield V reveal date may be something as small as a teaser image or something as epic as a partial trailer. It would be safe to assume that the main reveal around Battlefield 5 will not take place until E3 2018 between the 12th and 14th of June later this year.

Hidden morse code on Twitter

In addition to these in-game easter eggs, EA and DICE themselves have been taking to social media to further fuel the conspiracy fire. On the official @Battlefield Twitter account they tweeted out additional morse code messages to a number of YouTubers and Easter Egg Hunters.

Battlefield V reveal date and news

Individually these tweets remain cryptic, but when you combine them all together we are presented with the message

“Good work, but this is just the beginning. The Battlefield will never be the same”.

Upon closer inspection, we can start to dissect this phrase and what it could possibly mean. The phrase “but this is just the beginning” implies that either by the 23rd of May or the months after we will receive more clues and indications as to the next title. This will be warmly received across the battlefield gaming community as any easter eggs or information cause waves of anticipation and excitement. The phrase “The Battlefield will never be the same” is what has really caused a state of both confusion and positive hysteria. Does this imply that the mechanics and gameplay will be totally new and unique thus changing the way we view and play FPS games? Or does it simply signify that due to the sheer scale and ferocity of the war in which this game focuses, things will never be the same?

We know that wars change not only the society, economy and political structure, but also the physical topography of a region. So perhaps this phrase suggests that the game may centre around a future world war, a nuclear battle or a mass attack featuring chemical warfare. All theories are plausible as it stands, but we are sure that a clearer picture will be painted on the 23rd May. We will be sure to keep you informed of any further news, so make sure you follow our social media and keep up to date.

The video below provides a detailed rundown of the morse code tweets and Battlefield V reveal date. Westie was one of the YouTubers who received this mysterious tweet on twitter.


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