Battlefield V Official Trailer Breakdown – Everything You Need To Know

Battlefield V Official Trailer Breakdown

Last night (23rd May 2018) we received our first look at the new Battlefield V game. Minutes into the event it was officially confirmed that Battlefield V would indeed be based on World War 2. Amongst conversations, with the developers, around realistic game mechanics and ww2-centric immersion, we also had an exclusive Battlefield V official trailer reveal. Although the show was half an hour long in its entirety, there is an abundance of information which we can glean from the event. A sense of eager anticipation was also left lingering in the air, due to the rather allusive nature in which some questions were answered. It looks like we will have to wait for E3 in June this year for those “extra answers”. But for now, we can look at what has been discussed and what you may have missed in the Battlefield V official trailer.

Dice is a subsidiary of EA and has been working on the franchise ever since Battlefield 1942 hit our shelves in 2002. Boasting over 16 years of successful Battlefield games, a lot of excitement has followed this reveal around Battlefield V. The team at Dice have even gone on to say how this will feature the most immersive gameplay out of any sandbox environment to date.

We have already covered the new game modes, as well as some new weapons and vehicles. But a major pool of clues and details still remain within the trailer itself. For this reason, we shall break down all components and dissect what they could mean within the world of Battlefield V.

Battlefield V Official Trailer

The Battlefield V official trailer starts with an impressively striking opening scene. Fully capturing our attention both audibly and visually, viewers were thrust into the heart of a World War 2 battle. With debris soaring through the smoky air, bullets shooting from all conceivable angles and deathly screams filling the landscape. We truly felt like we were there on the Battlefield with our fellow soldiers. A female trooper with a typical southern British accent can be seen running to occupy a nearby house, only to be greeted with a barrage of gunfire.

Based on an earlier introductory image, this lady is one of the 4 playable characters/classes we can see within the game. Whilst she lies there wielding an iconic two-pronged hook for a hand, another teammate showcases a new game-mechanic by dragging her to safety. Coupled with suppressive fire and strong team play, the ability to drag players to safety before attempting to revive, can really shift the balance of combat within Battlefield V. This ties into what has been called “The company”. Which is the ability to customise your character, weapons, vehicle and overall loadout. Players are always able to engage more with the character they are controlling if they have something invested. This could be a new jacket you had to grind a month for, or simply a face-paint to ward off your foes. Your character will be based on your choices and will play accordingly.

Battlefield V official trailer classes

Gameplay Within the Battlefield V Official Trailer

The scenes in the trailer transition into a hybrid of land and air combat whilst also featuring a classic “reverse takedown” in order to obtain dog tags. Reminiscent of this franchise, we can expect this game to be faster, deadlier and more diverse than ever. A myriad of explosions then causes a seamless blend of the cinematic trailer to progress into actual gameplay footage.

Whilst picking up an LMG (light machine gun) the player fearlessly traverses the French Countryside on what will be one of the main initial multiplayer maps. Laying down heavy gunfire, we see another breathtaking moment which perfectly depicts the chaos of Battlefield V. A teammate tosses back what looks like a Stielhandgranate (German hand grenade) which is then shot out of the air, directly disarming a low-flying enemy plane. It is plays like this that really do make the battlefield games stand out.

Another core selling point is the fluid movement and constant ability to return fire. Regardless of stance, players are still able to attack or move even if crawling on the ground, as is so beautifully demonstrated.

The harmony between changing dynamic environments and intimate close quarter combat creates a truly immersive experience all around. The trailer ends in what is almost a sadistic death at the merciless hands of a German aggressor. The impending fate is swiftly reprised be a strong blow of what appears to be an enhanced cricket bat. This eventual scene reinforces the horrifically crass yet graphically stunning reality of World War 2 in Battlefield V.

Battlefield V official trailer combat

With much to be excited about, we cannot wait to get our hands on this game!


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