Battlefield V Modes, Weapons & Vehicles Confirmed So Far

Battlefield V Modes, Weapons & Vehicles

Todays Battlefield V live reveal took us straight back to the origins of the series, providing us with a first look at its immersive World War 2 gameplay. With a World War 2 era game comes World War 2 era weapons, vehicles and modes. In this article, we will be looking at everything that has been confirmed so far!

Battlefield V Modes

With a new Battlefield game comes new and returning modes, from fan favourites such as Conquest, to brand new modes that help create the most immersive Battlefield world yet.

Operations return from Battlefield 1 in a bigger way than ever before. Now called Grand Operations this new mode will take you through multiple game modes across multiple maps to experience a historical journey across battles that happened in World War 2.

Grand Operations takes place over the course of four in-game days. Day one might start with you jumping out of an aeroplane to destroy enemy artillery, day two becomes a game of Breakthrough with the number of lives left remaining dependant on the events of the first day. Day three could be Conquest Assault, where players just keep on fighting for the territory they are playing on. Assuming there is a stalemate between the two sides at this point you will reach Day 4, which is a last man standing style mode called Final Stand which sounds suspiciously like a Battle Royale.

For the first time since Battlefield 3 Co-Op also makes a return. Under the name Combined Arms, this mode is another way to experience the Battlefield sandbox. You and three other friends take the roles of the Pathfinders in an online battle to go behind enemy lines with only the soldiers next to you to rely on to move forward. You will need to find new resources and tools as well as finding your way to the objectives in another mode which sounds suspiciously like a Battle Royale.

War Stories also returns with new stories and characters for players to experience. In Battlefield V war stories will focus on the untold human stories of the war, much like Battlefield 1’s War Story mode did. It is about the player being able to witness the second world war through the eyes of the men and women that changed the world. One such War Story is the story of a young woman in the Norwegian resistance fighting against the German resistance and is, against all odds, described as an emotional family story.


The second world war was a period in military history that saw a rapid advancement in innovation and technology when it comes to weapons, and Battlefield V is hoping to capture that massive arsenal of the time.

There was a tonne of weapons in the reveal trailer and promotional images, ranging from the Thompson submachine gun to the iconic M1 Rifle and even a flying glide bomb. The only weapon that was mentioned by name was the MG42, but we are sure that a whole load more will be announced at the EA Play event.


One of the biggest parts of any Battlefield game is its suite of vehicles, allowing players to traverse the insanely big maps in much quicker times while raining bombs from above or tank shells from the ground.

Like any of the Battlefield games that came before it Battlefield V is sure to have an immense set of Vehicles for players to use. The reveal trailer alone showed tanks, a treaded motorbike and fighter planes. Much like the weapons only one vehicle was mentioned by name, the Tiger 1 tank.

More Battlefield 5 Gameplay is sure to be shown at EA Play between June 9th and June 11th.


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