Battlefield 2018 Setting – WW2, Vietnam or Battlefield 5 (Modern Day)?

Battlefield 2018 Setting - WW2, Vietnam or Battlefield 5 (Modern Day)?

There has been a lot of speculation about Battlefield 2018 as to where they plan to take gamers to next. You can take a look at where they have already been, but as history shows you can’t really count on that to tell you where they will go next. Battlefield 2018 could recap somewhere it has already been, or it could explore completely new territory. To start with we will have a look at where Battlefield has already been, then we’ll have a look at where the Battlefield 2018 Setting could potentially be in the future. Will it be WW2, Vietnam or Battlefield 5 (Modern Day)?

Battlefield History

Battlefield has been around since 2002, when they introduced Battlefield 1942. Battlefield 1942 took place during World War 2, as most war based games start out with. The next entry in the Battlefield series was Battlefield Vietnam, which obviously took place during the Vietnam War. Battlefield 2 was a modern day war game in 2005. After that was Battlefield 2142, and supposed to be set in the supposed Cold War of the 22nd Century. Next in the series was Battlefield: Bad Company, and it was a bit of a different turn in that it held a bit of humor with the B squad team.

Battlefield Heroes was a PC only game, and followed by Battlefield 1943 (returning to the World War 2 era). In 2010 we had the sequel to Bad Company, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and the B squad with a new goal. Battlefield 3 and 4 were both set in a modern time, and both great contributer to the series. Battlefield Hardline was more of a police game, with it being about war on crime instead of about war in general. This brings us to the latest in the series, Battlefield 1 which takes place during World War 1.

Battlefield 2018 Setting – WW2, Vietnam or Battlefield 5 (Modern Day)?

This is a pretty impressive line of games for one series, but the real question is going to be where do we go from here. There have been some speculation floating around about going back to World War 2 again, or even Vietnam. What if Battlefield 2018 took place yet again in modern times, or even the future?

Then again, what if they decided to take it to something they haven’t done yet. There are plenty of times and places they could go.  It could be the French Revolution, or to Korea (granted it was a conflict). Perhaps it could be a compilation of Civil Wars throughout all the times and places in the world. The Hundred Years’ War itself consisted of a ton of battles. The French And Indian War lead into what was the Seven Years’ War, and it took place in multiple places, seemingly making it one of (if not) the first global war.

So, there are a number of places to either explore new or return back to. The truth of it is though, as of now, nobody knows where DICE plans on taking gamers in October. Anything out there is all speculation, and that is a part of the surprise element. Without a doubt people will be impressed with Battlefield 2018 because DICE is a great video game company, and everyone playing Battlefield 1 is looking forward to it.


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