Battlefield 2018 Release Date, Era & Location – WW2 or Vietnam?

Battlefield 2018 Release Date, Era and Location - WW2 or Vietnam?

EA have received their first quarter fiscal year 2018 earnings call and according to their CEO, Andrew Wilson the company will be following up on its Battlefield franchise in 2018. With Battlefield 1 launching October 21st, 2016 Battlefield 2018 was always expected as if we go by following the pattern of previous Battlefield Games it would match their usual two year gap, however it’s always nice for the die-hard fans to receive some confirmation. With that being said, it’s time we take a look into the possible candidates for the Battlefield 2018 Release Date, Era and Location! Many fans will be wanting EA’s next instalment in 2018 to be set in either WW2 or Vietnam and judging by all the intel we’ve gathered so far, one of those seems the safest and best bet!

Battlefield 2018

With EA currently working hard to give us the best experience possible on Battlefield 1 along with its new expansion packs arriving its likely we won’t see more news regarding Battlefield 2018 for some time, however with some leaks and speculation info may even come sooner than that.

Release Date

With three of the latest four Battlefield Games coming out in October our bet for a Battlefield 2018 Release Date would be from October 20th to 30th, however with Battlefield Hardline being released in March anything could change. Also with the latest announced Battlefield 1 DLC coming out in early 2017 it would be strange to see EA release Battlefield 2018 alongside.


Release Date

Battlefield 1942

28 June 2002

Battlefield Vietnam

14 March 2004

Battlefield 2

21 June 2005

Battlefield 2142

17 October 2006

Battlefield Bad Company

23 June 2008

Battlefield 1943

23 July 2009

Battlefield Bad Company 2

2 March 2010

Battlefield 3

25 October 2011

Battlefield 4

29 October 2013

Battlefield Hardline

17 March 2015

Battlefield 1

21 October 2016

Time / Era

With EA’s latest instalment of the Battlefield series being set it WW1, WW2 would fit its chronological pattern however as Call of Duty WW2 will be set in that era we can most likely rule that out. Also with Battlefield 4 mastering the futuristic experience and going down extremely well within the Battlefield community it only leaves us with one option, Vietnam. Although we have already seen Vietnam as a Battlefield Game in 2004 that was some time back so there is no reason why DICE / EA shouldn’t go back to their roots.

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If Battlefield 2018 was to be set in a Vietnam era that would definitely give us some great locations for amazing maps and following that the latest Battlefield game to be set in Vietnam was some time back it would be very interesting to see the difference between 4k graphics and 720p!

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