Battlefield 2018 Release Date Confirmed

Battlefield 2018 Release Date Confirmed

Details are starting to roll out on the next instalment in the Battlefield Community. During EA’s recent earnings call, the company announced new features and details on the upcoming Battlefield 2018 game. A few months ago Andrew Wilson (EA CEO) confirmed that Battlefield 2018 will be happening. Although with Battlefield 1 being released in October 2016 that didn’t come as much of a surprise. With BF1 now approaching it’s final DLC, Apocalypse, the EA CEO and CFO revealed new details on the Battlefield 2018 Release Date.

Battlefield 2018 Release Date

Battlefield 2018 Release Date Confirmed

EA have just finished their recent earnings call and the CFO Blake Jorgensen announced some new information about the Battlefield 2018 Release Date in an interview with the Wall Street Journal. He confirmed that the game Anthem will be coming in early 2019 instead of fall 2018 due to Battlefield 2018, however he said ‘it’s not a delay.’ According to the Wall Street Journal EA are planning to release their next Battlefield title in October 2018. This comes as no surprise considering both BF1 and Battlefield 4 were released in October.

It shall be very interesting to see how the fiscal year ahead plans out for Electronic Arts. Andrew Wilson also confirmed that he wants to innovate ideas from PUBG but not exactly copy. He stated that he’s a huge fan of the ‘core gameplay and map design.’ Before we get too ahead of ourselves this does not one hundred percent confirm there will be a Battlefield 2018 Battle Royale Mode like PUBG, however we could possibly see something along the lines of it.

The EA CEO also stated that ‘BF1 now has over twenty five million unique players and this year the franchise will grow with Battlefield 2018.’

Rockstar Games have recently revealed that Red Dead Redemption 2 will be releasing October 26th, so we can fully expect EA to release BF 2018 in early October to avoid any potential troubles with sales.

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