Classic Battlefield 1942 Maps Could Potentially Be Remade in Battlefield V

Battlefield 1942 Maps Remastered in Battlefield V

Battlefield V could potentially see some classic Battlefield 1942 maps re-created in the game. DICE executive producer Aleksander Grøndal has hinted to this on Twitter recently.

Battlefield 1942 Maps

Battlefield 1942 was also set in World War Two. It’s for this reason that many fans are hoping to see some familiar maps.

Twitter user @MadDogWoz asked Grøndal whether or not fans would see maps such as Omaha Beach or El-Alamein in Battlefield V. The executive producer replied saying “considering my fav BF game is 1942. I’ll leave it at that”.

Grøndal has been replying to fans on Twitter recently in response to the communities complaints about historical inaccuracy in the new trailer. The popular response being “we will always put fun over authentic :)”.

Reddit user ‘LordKarnage’ commented saying he wanted to see Wake Island in Battlefield V. Considering the DLC is reportedly free for Battlefield V, many think that this could be a possibility. Because of this, a lot of people think that DICE will go down the cosmetics root. This would be pretty much be the same as what Fortnite has done. This means there will be no pay-to-win as with other first person shooter games.

Of course, fans will want to see some originality for this game. It is expected that a minimum of 9 maps will be available at launch – consistent with Battlefield 1. However this number could reach towards the 20 mark – a larger number resembling the content available at the launch of Battlefield 1942.

With the recent backlash over the trailer for Battlefield V, it could be a sure fire way of getting the fans back on their side.

Map size

DICE are renowned for creating large, open maps for multiplayer in order to accommodate huge modes of 64-player combat. This creates a window for creativity and imagination in maps that allows developers to carefully plan the aesthetics and direct traffic along with popular areas of engagement.

However, if the rumors are true, then we can hope to see a lot of large maps consistent with those seen in Battlefield 1942. What was your favourite map from BF 1942? Which one are you hoping to see re-made in Battlefield V?


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