Battlefield V’s Battle Royale Mode, Firestorm, Will Support 64 Players


In the latest Battlefield V Trailer and a recent post on the official Battlefield website, EA showcased a lot of new information and features regarding the game’s battle royale mode, called “Firestorm”. Battle Royale done the Battlefield way.

This will be the first battle royale game mode in the Battlefield franchise, here’s what we know so far:

Firestrom will support 64 players, split into 16 squads. There will be vehicles, such as tanks and others be confirmed at a later date. The new fortifications will be available in Firestorm plus the amazing destruction that Battlefield is famous for. Battlefields battle royale mode will feature along with 8 other modes, such as classic conquest and the new fan favourites Grand Operations and Frontlines.

Here is what we know about Firestorm so far:

– A slow ring of fire shrinks the players together until there is one squad left standing.
– Work as a team to get better gear and complete map objectives.
– Firestorm counts towards player progression.
– Firestorm map will be the biggest Battlefield map to date.
– Tanks and transport vehicles will be usable.
– Pre order bonus “Firestorm Ranger Set”.

Working with your squad is key in Multiplayer and this format carries over to Firestorm. Several objectives, in which some are fixed and some are random, will be scatted across the map. Similar to the classic conquest, capturing or completing these objectives will earn yourself better gear to stay alive at the end – if you make it that far!

It has been said that Firestorm will not launch with the base game but this can be subject to change. More information will arise closer to the official launch.

Battlefield V was originally set to release on October 20th, but the team at DICE made the bold decision to put back the launch to November 20th, which the Battlefield Community felt was the right move by the team giving them more time to polish of the game and look through the feedback from the Battlefield V Beta.


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