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Battlefield V News

Previously announced by EA at a Reveal, Battlefield V (also known as Battlefield 5) will be the next instalment in the franchise. With Battlefield 1 being set in WW1, Electronic Arts decided to continue the series in chronological order with the next addition being set in WW2.

A few months ago at an earnings call the EA CEO mentioned his thoughts regarding popular Battle Royale games, one being PUBG. He said that he is hoping to innovate ideas from PUBG into Battlefield 5. Could this potentially mean a Battle Royale mode will be featured in the upcoming Battlefield title? As of yet no details have been confirmed regarding this possible addition, however with EA Play 2018 taking place very soon we expect to hear more then.

Battlefield V Firestorm Battle Royale

It’s been confirmed that the Battle Royale version of Battlefield V known as Firestorm has been delayed until 2019.

Here at Gaming INTEL we’ll be updating you on the Battlefield V Classes, Modes, Weapons and much more. It is the sixteenth installment in the Battlefield series.

How to Heal and Revive Battlefield 5 Gaming INTEL

How to Heal and Revive in Battlefield 5

Battlefield V has some important changes compared with previous Battlefield games. A particularly important change which makes a big difference to gameplay is how...
Official Battlefield V Launch Trailer

EA Release Official Battlefield V Launch Trailer

The latest instalment within one of EA's biggest franchises has officially been released for Origin Access Premier and Origin Access Basic/EA Access subscribers. Prior...

Battlefield V’s Battle Royale Mode, Firestorm, Will Support 64 Players

In the latest Battlefield V Trailer and a recent post on the official Battlefield website, EA showcased a lot of new information and features...
Battlefield V Weapons, Gadgets & Vehicles

Battlefield V Weapons, Gadgets & Vehicles Confirmed so Far, According to an Online Post

Ever since the announcement of EA's Battlefield V we have all been wondering what weapons of the era will be coming to the next...
Battlefield V

Battlefield V at EA Play 2018 | New Details & More

Battlefield V had just been showcased at E3. As part of the EA access stage show, an epic and impressive tone has well and...
Battlefield 1942 Maps Remastered in Battlefield V

Classic Battlefield 1942 Maps Could Potentially Be Remade in Battlefield V

Battlefield V could potentially see some classic Battlefield 1942 maps re-created in the game. DICE executive producer Aleksander Grøndal has hinted to this on...
Battlefield V Reveal Receives Backlash

Battlefield V Reveal Receives Backlash with Almost More Dislikes Than Likes, Here’s Why

The new Battlefield V trailer was released just over a few days ago. However, many fans are not happy with what the Battlefield V...
Battlefield V Official Trailer Breakdown

Battlefield V Official Trailer Breakdown – Everything You Need To Know

Last night (23rd May 2018) we received our first look at the new Battlefield V game. Minutes into the event it was officially confirmed...
Battlefield V Modes, Weapons & Vehicles

Battlefield V Modes, Weapons & Vehicles Confirmed So Far

Todays Battlefield V live reveal took us straight back to the origins of the series, providing us with a first look at its immersive...
New Teaser Confirms WW2 Setting For Battlefield V

NEWS: New Teaser Confirms WW2 Setting For Battlefield V

With the Battlefield V reveal just days away there is still one question on everyone's mind, when will the game be set? A new...
Where to watch Battlefield V Reveal Livestream

Here’s Where You Can Watch the Battlefield V Reveal Livestream

We are only a few days away from the worldwide Battlefield V livestream. On the 23rd May, we shall all be able to view...
Battlefield V Reveal Date WW2

Battlefield V Reveal Date & What To Expect – ‘Never Be The Same’

Battlefield is one of the most popular First Person Shooter Franchises. Since the first game release in 2002, Battlefield has been Call of Duty's...
Battlefield V Battle Royale - Battlefield 5

Could We See Battlefield V Battle Royale Mode?

Battlefield 5 is due to come out this year. EA Games will be giving out information about the game during EA Play June 9th,...
Battlefield V WW2

REPORT: Battlefield V coming in 2018 and set in World War 2

A huge leak has dropped today regarding Battlefield 2018. Just a week ago we covered an article suggesting World War 2 was a credible...
Battlefield 2018 Setting - WW2, Vietnam or Battlefield 5 (Modern Day)?

Battlefield 2018 Setting – WW2, Vietnam or Battlefield 5 (Modern Day)?

There has been a lot of speculation about Battlefield 2018 as to where they plan to take gamers to next. You can take a...

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