Battlefield Bad Company 3 in development for PS5 & Xbox Two – RUMOR

Battlefield Bad Company 3

A post which surfaced on Pastebin back in December 2018 is only just starting to attract attention, following Sony’s confirmation of some aspects of the post in a recent interview with The Wired. The anonymous source has also listed Battlefield Bad Company 3 as arriving on the PS5 in 2020, while also seemingly coming to the Xbox Two as well.

Battlefield Bad Company 3 Rumored for Next-Gen Consoles

Battlefield Bad Company 3 will be coming to the PS5 in 2020, in addition to a host of other games, as per the post. The sequel was listed under “non-exclusive games in 2020,” suggesting that the title will also be available on other next-gen consoles.

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Battlefield Bad Company 3
Battlefield Bad Company 2

Hypothetically speaking, if this rumor happens to have any legitimacy towards it whatsoever, then Battlefield Bad Company 3 will be the next installment within the franchise. The game will supposedly also be releasing on both the PlayStation 5 and the next-generation Xbox console, whether that happens to be called Xbox Two or something entirely different.

PC players will also most likely be able to get their hands on the game. There has been no confirmation on that, let alone any rumors as of yet, however.

While EA DICE hasn’t even confirmed the launch of this game, this rumor has certainly raised a few eyebrows. There is no confirmation of the title being in development, let alone for next-gen consoles. Further, Battlefield V only recently released, so it would seem a little strange for EA to pump out a new addition to the franchise with a launch scheduled for next year.

Battlefield Bad Company 3
Battlefield Bad Company

While both Bad Company 1 and 2 were widely acclaimed from the Battlefield community, this rumor will likely come to the pleasure of many fans. It’s important we don’t get our hopes up prior to announcements, however.

Although some of the details have been deemed reliable in this post, that doesn’t mean all the information is correct. In fact, while some parts of the information seem rather farfetched, the most likely probability is that some of the details are incorrect. Until PlayStation announce anything themselves, we should keep an open mind while also remaining skeptical at the same time, however.

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Legitimate or not, time will tell whether we’ll be able to get hands-on with Battlefield Bad Company 3 on the PS5 and Xbox Two as of next year. One thing which is for sure, if this rumor happens to be entirely correct, it’ll be deemed scoop of the century.


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