In-Game Image of Battlefield Bad Company 3 Reportedly Leaked, But It’s Probably Fake

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Image is from original Battlefield Bad Company

For months, a slew of rumors and leaks regarding the upcoming iteration of the Battlefield franchise have circulated around the community. Now, yet again, a new post has surfaced on Reddit, which supposedly showcases an in-game image of Battlefield Bad Company 3. Although more often than not rumors should be taken with a pinch of salt, there’s no official concrete evidence as of yet to argue against this one.

The initial post has since been deleted by the user, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s fake. Although an anonymous Redditor isn’t usually the most credible of sources, there are reasons to believe this may be real.

The Supposedly Leaked Bad Company 3 Snap

The apparent Battlefield Bad Company 3 image can be found below. It reads, “one slight mistake and this mission will turn into a disaster, you hear me?” It appears as though this is via the Campaign portion of the heavily rumored game.

Battlefield Bad Company 3 Image - Reportedly Leaked
Battlefield Bad Company 3 rumored image. This is not confirmed at this moment in time.

The subtitle style matches Bad Company’s general aesthetic, a plain white font in addition to a soft green outline. Further to this, the tone also seemingly resembles the Bad Comapny series. However, there’s always the possibility of this snap being from another FPS title.

Additionally, the text featured on the bottom appears to be directly straight on, which probably wouldn’t be the case if you’re taking a photo. If this was legitimately a snap, it’s likely the text would be slanted in some way, shape or form.

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Despite some arguable errors with this image, other fans within the community have corroborated the rumor. Redditor ‘_Drakesden‘ claims they were familiar with an individual from EA Galway who was assigned on it. There’s a lot to look forward to, also mentions the user. While some are confident about the rumor, other users have also remained extremely skeptical.

EA DICE is yet to comment on the matter. Admittedly, it’s likely they won’t at all, but until we hear official word on the next title within the franchise, we advise fans to remain skeptical. The next Battlefield game is expected to be revealed towards the beginning of next year.

The original Battlefield Bad Company released on June 23, 2008, while a sequel to the award-winning first-person-shooter launched on March 2, 2010. Yes, that’s almost ten years ago.

SOURCE: Reddit

UPDATE – July 26 at 10:30PM BST:

It appears as though this was actually an image taken from a film and the text was implemented onto the image via Photoshop.



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