Battlefield 1 Hardcore Mode – The Most Realistic War Game Experience Of All Time?

Battlefield 1 Hardcore Mode

Ever since the 1.04 patch update last weekend from EA, Battlefield 1 Hardcore mode has been added to the game. Players for this game mode are recommended to be very familiar with the game as it’s considerably harder.

What is Battlefield 1 Hardcore Mode

Hardcore mode turns off various aids the game provides which would not be there in real world warfare. For example, EA themselves said: “you might not be assisted by a minimap, crosshair, or the ability to spot enemies depending on the server settings”. Other changes include:

  • Less health, approx. 50-60% of standard health.
  • No auto-health regen — must be healed by medics.
  • No minimap (server setting).
  • No health meter, no ammo count (server setting)
  • No crosshairs — must aim down sight or shoot wildly off the hip.
  • Spotting can be turned off (Server setting).
  • Friendly fire is on.
  • No kill feed confirmation.

There are other subtle changes but these are the main ones a usual player would notice. If you haven’t played it already, it makes it incredibly hard and a lot less intuitive to play to the ‘usual’ gamer.

Incredibly Realistic

Although hardcore mode hasn’t gone down particularly well yet with the Battlefield 1 community, there’s no doubting that it makes it an incredibly realistic experience of war. Playing hardcore mode on the PS4 pro with a 4k TV is pretty sensational, or even better on a very high end PC.

Seeing players run by without knowing whose on which team other than spotting their uniform is very similar to how it would have been in many situations. Friendly-fire is of course a problem and players have to be careful knowing that just 1 shot could easily cause a fatal blow. The fact Battlefield 1 is set in the past gives it the extra authentic feel to know similar battles really did happen.

Of course, there are changes which could make it even more real; such as ALL visual aids being turned off by default. However, for the sake of gaming and everyone not being kicked every 2 minutes, it does show up with a blue or green icon if you’re aiming at your own team mate.

How to access Battlefield 1’s Hardcore Mode

In the new Battlefield 1 update, EA Dice implemented a feature to the game which allowed us to access custom games. In custom games you can access hardcore mode on either Conquest, Domination or Rush.

Battlefield 1 Hardcore Mode

Watch Gaming INTEL play Battlefield 1’s Hardcore mode on Conquest to give you an idea of just how different and incredible it is to normal modes.

Gaming INTEL – Battlefield 1 Hardcore Mode (Conquest):

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