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Battlefield Trailer Release Date Rumored to Be June

New reports suggest that we won’t see the Battlefield trailer until this date in June 2021.

To say it’s been a slow few weeks for Battlefield news would be an understatement. It’s been a painful wait for our first look at the upcoming multiplayer shooter, and rumors are flying about in all directions.

Just last week, we had new images from the Battlefield trailer leak! And then days later, the entire Battlefield 6 trailer audio released early.

But despite these major leaks, EA is holding on tight to the upcoming shooter’s first footage. And now, new reports suggest that the Battlefield trailer won’t be coming until June.

Battlefield June Trailer
(Source: EA)

Battlefield Trailer June Release Date

It looks like the Battlefield trailer may well have a June release date, if new reports are to be believed.

Although notable Battlefield leaker Tom Henderson still believes that the Battlefield trailer will drop imminently, we’ve got other reports coming in.

This time, industry insider Jeff Grubb gives us an insight into exactly when the trailer may go live. According to the user’s most recent video upload, Battlefield 6’s trailer will release on June 1st.

“That’s the date I’ve heard most recently,” Grubb claims. “And I’m confident enough about that date to put it on here but I think I am gonna add the caveat that things do seem to be pretty fluid.”

This certainly seems to check out, especially since Battlefield’s official Twitter account also appears to be hinting at June 2021.

This is certainly disappointing, especially seeing as Battlefield’s trailer was meant to release this week if leaks were legit. However, we’re already preparing to hear more from EA’s upcoming financial call later today.

In the meantime, while we wait, an insider reveals new maps, movement, and SBMM details for Battlefield! And we even have new reports about Battlefield 6’s free-to-play battle royale.

Two of our biggest questions about the game right now are still going unanswered, however. Is Battlefield really going to be next-gen only?

And is Battlefield really an Xbox Game Pass Day One addition like this leak suggests?

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