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Battlefield: 80% of EA’s Trailer Leaks Ahead of June Reveal

We’ve still got at least another week until the Battlefield trailer drops in June, and 80% of it is already here thanks to new leaks.

When you’ve got a new game on the way, it helps to tease your audience with regular content to keep them on the hook. EA is definitely taking a rather different stance with Battlefield 2021.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen several new Battlefield trailer leaks appear online. And with dozens of images from the Battlefield trailer appearing on the internet, a lot of the hype is vanishing.

After weeks of waiting, the game’s official Twitter account revealed that the Battlefield trailer is coming in June. But, as we head into the final week of May, we’ve now seen around 80% of the Battlefield trailer in leaks.

(Source: EA)

New Battlefield Trailer Footage Leaks

It’s clear that a few people out there have already seen the Battlefield trailer footage and are more than happy to leak it online.

It’s a new week and we’re already getting another handful of Battlefield 6 trailer images. And when we compile these with the other leaks, it’s possible to make a GIF of approximately 80% of the Battlefield trailer.

Leaker Tom Henderson, who has previously given us sketches of the Battlefield trailer, confirms that these new images are also legit. And he also claims that there’s not much more to come.

“I’d say that we’ve now seen 80% or so of that trailer as a lot of the scenes leaked are all 5+ secs in length…” Henderson writes. “I’ve changed my mind, that trailer is now called “Shitstorm”.”

(Source: EA)

In the trailer footage below, we see the opening shot with the Ospreys, followed by a crash landing, a rocket launch, and more than a fair share of explosions. What’s more, there’s even a clip of Battlefield’s robot dogs in action!

We also have another major leak with the full audio of the Battlefield 6 trailer surfacing. Between this and the images, there’s really not much more to show for Battlefield 2021.

Sadly, it’s clear that even the full release will not be the gameplay trailer we’re really wanting. But at least EA’s release will put an end to the constant leaks and speculation.

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Recently, EA confirmed whether or not Battlefield will be coming to last-gen consoles! And the news is disappointing a great deal of players, even if it’s probably for the best.

It’s been a while since we got new leaks about Battlefield’s upcoming free-to-play battle royale mode, but that’s likely still in the works too! And an insider is even spilling details about Battlefield’s maps, movement, and SBMM!

But there’s also another Battlefield game coming soon, and it’s not appearing on consoles!

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