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Battlefield Trailer First Look and Details Revealed By Reliable Leaker

After months of waiting, we now have our first show of the upcoming Battlefield trailer, thanks to this reliable leaker.

The upcoming Battlefield trailer clearly exists and is out there waiting to be released right now. We know that at least one leaker is claiming to have already seen the footage, and while we can’t show it off right now, we can at least see how it’s going to look.

In the past, this leaker has revealed details about Battlefield coming to Xbox Game Pass at launch, as well as the title’s theme and setting. He’s even revealed that Battlefield 6 will have robot dogs in online multiplayer!

(Source: DICE)

And now, we finally have our first look at the upcoming Battlefield trailer, thanks to the efforts of a talented fan and a reliable leaker.

Battlefield 6 Trailer Concept Art Leak

Tom Henderson is currently the biggest leaker out there when it comes to Battlefield, and the insider is giving us an early look at concept art for the game’s trailer.

Over the last few days, Henderson has been teasing fans with quick sketches of the new Battlefield trailer. It’s clear that the leaker has seen some footage, but the Battlefield insider doesn’t want to get banned again.

So instead of oversharing once again, Tom Henderson is instead letting his art do the job. And one talented fan has even touched up the work into a pretty legitimate-looking piece of Battlefield concept art.

In the image, which is reflective of Battlefield’s opening trailer shot, we see a tropical island with a large mountainous region. At least one large building is visible, which is likely subject to Battlefield’s insane new next-gen destruction physics.

On top of that, several rockets are present around the map, with one of them launching. And players will be able to fly stylish-looking military aircraft described as being Ospreys to maneuver swiftly around what looks like a huge-scale map.

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The Battlefield map will definitely have to be big to host its new 128 player count. With each server hosting more soldiers than ever, it’s going to be a busy map and we can’t wait to see it in action.

Finally, we can see one of Battlefield 6’s new natural disasters approaching in the form of a tornado. Exactly how these grand-scale events destroy the map, we don’t yet know.

Battlefield Trailer Length Revealed

Tom Henderson drops one last clue for us about the Battlefield trailer too. When discussing the legitimacy of his leaks, the user states:

“I didn’t build a reputation for CoD leaks over 8 years for it then to be ripped away in 1 minute and 35 seconds.”

And with that, it looks as though we know exactly how long the Battlefield trailer is going to be. Hopefully, DICE is able to show us enough in that time to get the fans excited.

(Source: DICE)

Here’s when the Battlefield trailer and release date will be revealed! It looks like we won’t be waiting for too long before finding out more.

But it’s clear that fans everywhere are already eagerly awaiting Battlefield’s release. And some major streamers are definitely willing to switch from Warzone to Battlefield right now.

And a new Battlefield survey is hinting at a Battle Pass, Free-to-Play Battle Royale, and more!

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