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Battlefield to Feature Robot Dog Vehicle, Claims Leaker

It looks like the upcoming Battlefield title will feature an actual robot dog, akin to the Boston Dynamics creation, in combat.

Ever since the first leaks for the upcoming Battlefield 6 first arrived, fans have been curious as to exactly when the game will take place. With both Battlefield 1 and 5 taking place in the past, gamers are hoping for a return to the modern-day.

And it looks like Battlefield 6 (AKA Battlefield) will not be disappointing us. In fact, new reports suggest that Battlefield will take place very slightly in the future.

(Source: EA)

However, while this doesn’t mean we’ll be seeing futuristic weapons and vehicles in-game, it does allow DICE to make small improvements to current technology.

Or, in this case, add a robot dog to Battlefield.

Battlefield 6 to Feature Boston Dynamics-esque Robot Dog

According to a reliable leaker, Battlefield 6 will feature a robot dog similar to the designs by Boston Dynamics.

This helpful companion will assist soldiers on the battlefield, much like it’s beginning to in modern-day operators. Leaker Tom Henderson draws attention to a new operator where a four-legged robot assisted French soldiers in a combat exercise, confirming that Battlefield will have a similar dog for players to control.

“This is just the beginning. In #BATTLEFIELD the dog is more like Boston Dynamics Mule that can run really fast and potentially has a weapon on it,” Henderson confirms. “But it looks like it could be a new vehicle type instead of a gadget.”

If this proves correct, players may be able to control fast-moving robot dogs in Battlefield matches. It’s entirely possible that these ‘vehicles’ will have onboard weapons, but that’s not the only option.

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battlefield 6 robot dog boston dynamics
(Source: Boston Dynamics)

When questioned by a commenter, the leaker admits that it’s also possible that the robots could be used to move around ammo or health. After all, Boston Dynamic‘s BigDog and LS3 designs carry soldiers’ gear, not weaponry.

Interestingly, the engineers’ Wildcat robot is capable of running up to 32 km/h. With that in mind, Battlefield’s dip into the future might not be as unrealistic as some fans would believe.

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If anyone is doubting the legitimacy of Tom Henderson’s tweet, we’d point out that this Battlefield leaker has been suspended after revealing this major information in the past.

Henderson’s leaks also state that Battlefield will feature major natural disasters during gameplay. Partner that with the series’ trademark destruction and there’s a reason why streamers are already considering a switch from Warzone.

We’re not far away from the upcoming Battlefield 6 teaser trailer’s release date and we couldn’t be more excited. And there’s a new way to get Battlefield for free at launch, if these rumors prove correct!

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