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Battlefield Mobile Release Window Revealed

The CEO of EA has revealed the release window for Battlefield Mobile in a recent financial call for investors and shareholders.

With the continued decline of Battlefield 2042’s player base, hitting below 1000 concurrent players in April, all eyes are on Battlefield Mobile to bring back some love for the series.

The last we heard about Battlefield Mobile was back in February 2022, with Closed Alpha tests beginning at the time.

However, it seems we’ve got a new update on what’s happening with Battlefield Mobile. During a recent quarterly financial call, Andrew Wilson, CEO of EA, updated investors on Battlefield Mobile’s progress.

Battlefield Mobile Closed Alpha Gameplay
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Battlefield Mobile Release Window Revealed by EA CEO

The CEO of EA recently said in a financial call that they are expecting to release Battlefield Mobile towards the end of 2022, or early 2023.

Andrew Wilson stated that the aforementioned release window is subject to ongoing tests. He stated that Battlefield Mobile will continue testing later in May.

They’re hoping to balance, fine-tune, and optimize Battlefield Mobile as it enters the Closed Beta tests. Hopefully, this means that Battlefield Mobile won’t suffer from a similar launch to Battlefield 2042.

Wilson also said that he wants Battlefield Mobile to have “all the soft launch and closed betas that it needs.” However, he said he had played it and was very pleased.

Battlefield 2042 was also mentioned by Wilson, stating that the team is committing to further work for the community. They are hoping to release plenty of updates to the quality of life and core gameplay.

Battlefield 2042 Cover Art

Unfortunately, it’s not exactly clear what this means for the future of Battlefield 2042. However, it seems EA isn’t giving up on it just yet!

Battlefield Mobile seemed to have some playtesting last year, with the first gameplay leaking in September last year.

And a leak in February this year also revealed some of the weapons, gadgets, and more in Battlefield Mobile too.

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