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Battlefield Alpha To Release In July, Reveal Coming Soon Insider Reveals

According to Battlefield’s most trusted leaker, the game’s Alpha is coming in July and it’ll be revealed very soon.

it’s almost June and every Battlefield fan knows what that means. The official Battlefield trailer is about to release.

But before that, we’ve seen 80% of the Battlefield trailer leak early. On top of those leaks, we’ve had the complete Battlefield trailer audio, and countless leaked screenshots.

And after all this time, there’s one Battlefield leaker who’s been busy earning the community’s trust.

At this point, Tom Henderson has had too many reveals proven true to be easily dismissed. But as ever, it’s still important to take what he says with a pinch of salt.

Now, the insider is revealing new information about an upcoming Battlefield Alpha, coming this July.

(Source: EA)

Battlefield Alpha Reveal at EA Play, Coming July 2021

According to a new tweet by Tom Henderson, a Battlefield Alpha should be coming in July 2021.

This alpha testing period is likely a way for fans to experience Battlefield 2021 early, and it’s launching very soon. Although we’re getting the Battlefield trailer releasing next month, gameplay is just around the corner.

Leaker Tom Henderson believes that a Battlefield Alpha is coming in July, with an announcement dropping at EA Play 2021. This year’s EA Play will take place on July 22, and Henderson believes that the Alpha release may drop alongside the event.

“The #BATTLEFIELD Alpha should be July, with the announcement being made at EA Play,” Henderson writes on Twitter. “Could be a “Oh and the Battlefield Alpha is available to play right now” type of deal at the end of the event.”

(Source: EA)

An open Alpha would definitely be a good way to raise hype for the upcoming release. Although it’s also possible that EA will give out Alpha keys to those who pre-order the upcoming Battlefield title to encourage purchases.

It’s entirely possible that the Battlefield Alpha will be Xbox exclusive too, as rumors suggest that Battlefield 6 is launching on Xbox Game Pass. DICE producer Ben Walke also teases that there’s something big happening at Xbox and Bethesda’s E3 showcase!

Recently, we heard the official news that Battlefield is coming last-gen consoles, as well as next-gen and PC. This is disappointing many fans who were hoping for a true next-gen Battlefield title, but the game’s player base is certain to be huge.

We’ve also been hearing details about Battlefield 6’s free-to-play battle royale, a topic that EA is currently steering clear from. Frankly, we just want to hear more about Battlefield’s robot dog vehicles right now!

Here’s everything we know about the Battlefield 6 reveal in June, including release window and more!

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