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Battlefield 6 Trailer Coming This Week, Hints Music Artist

The Battlefield 6 trailer could be coming this week, according to artists who supposedly did the music for it.

The 2021 Battlefield is one of the most hyped games of the year. Gamers across the world were disappointed when the trailer didn’t drop last week.

This was following an official EA announcement of two new Battlefield games. However, this week looks like it could finally be when everyone gets to see the first look at Battlefield 6.


Battlefield 6 Trailer Release Date Revealed?

In case you missed it, the audio of the upcoming Battlefield 6 trailer leaked last week. Now fans have tracked down the artist who did the music and their Twitter has announced something potentially huge about the Battlefield 6 trailer.

The artist in question is a duo that makes music for trailers called 2WEI. Earlier, the duo tweeted that their music will be used in two videogame trailers this week. The tweet says:

“Happy Monday! Two new game trailers with our music coming this week.”

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Battlefield 6 Trailer Coming This Week?

Their tweet doesn’t specify any particular games, but if the previous trailer audio is true then Battlefield will probably be one of them. Therefore, it seems likely that the long-rumored Battlefield 6 trailer could finally release this week.

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While we still don’t know what day it is, the trailer will most likely drop in the middle of the week, at some point from Tuesday-Thursday. Huge trailer announcements don’t tend to drop on the weekend and this will most likely be no different.

It will also likely show off some of the huge leaked features that could be coming to the game:

Make sure to keep an eye out this week for the Battlefield 6 trailer!

battlefield 6 release date

Meanwhile, a reliable insider has suggested that Battlefield 6 will be next-gen only. The trailer would surely reveal this huge announcement.

Also, a top streamer thinks that the Battlefield battle royale mode could blow Warzone away. Could this be the Warzone killer?

If this wasn’t enough to excite you about the upcoming Battlefield game, then maybe this might. Battlefield 6 will have robot dogs!

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