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Battlefield 6 Trailer Release “Imminent”, Says Leaker

A reliable leaker claims that the trailer for the 2021 Battlefield game is imminent.

The next game in the Battlefield franchise is getting FPS players all over the world excited. Meanwhile, fans of the series are even more hyped for the news.

Luckily, the first look at 2021’s upcoming Battlefield game could be right around the corner, if this leaker is right.

Battlefield Trailer Coming SoonLeaker have revealed

Leakers have revealed loads of information about the upcoming Battlefield game already. The biggest Battlefield leak so far revealed the title of the game and its futuristic setting, but there plenty more exciting details too.

The new Battlefield game could have amazing natural disasters destroying the maps and also some super high-tech robot dogs!


However, a leaker so reliable that Twitter suspended him has now suggested that the first trailer for the new Battlefield game is right around the corner.

In a new tweet, Tom Henderson revealed what he knows about the upcoming Battlefield trailer. It says:

“I’ve not got a time frame, but the trailer should be imminent now.”

Tom Henderson

Yesterday, Henderson also revealed a ‘first look’ on what is in the Battlefield trailer too.

The lack of time frame is certainly disappointing, but just the fact that the trailer release is imminent is enough to get Battlefield fans excited. This is especially big news as a previous leak about the Battlefield 6 reveal and release date suggested that the first trailer would come out later.

Fingers crossed the trailer comes sooner rather than later! It could also reveal whether Battlefield 2021 is releasing on Game Pass like this leak suggests.


Meanwhile, Battlefield could be going the free-to-play route, according to this EA survey. This would make sense considering that it could feature a huge Battle Royale mode.

It’s not just gamers who are eagerly anticipating the Battlefield trailer release. Some huge streamers would be willing to swap Warzone for the new Battle Royale mode in Battlefield.

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