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New Battlefield 6 Survey Hints at Battle Pass, Free-to-Play, Blueprints & More

A new leaked survey concerning Battlefield 6 suggests the inclusion of free to play elements, a battle pass, weapon blueprints and more.

Battlefield 6 is already shaping up to be the defining shooter of the next generation of gaming. A few leaks have suggested some incredibly exciting things about the game, and imply it could be a competitor to Call of Duty once again.

A major leak for Battlefield 6 suggested the appearance of 128-player games, cross-gen gameplay, and more.

Then a supposed release date for Battlefield 6 leaked, bringing hype for the game to a fever pitch.

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Battlefield 6 survey leaks game details
Battlefield V

And now, according to a leaker, surveys are being sent to EA's recent players that suggest exciting things about the new Battlefield title.

Battlefield 6 Survey Potentially Leaks Game Details

Notorious game leaker Tom Henderson has shared some interesting details. He's popular for his insight into Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, often offering leaks on Twitter.

We can expect that Henderson's leak is credible, as his account was suspended after posting credible Battlefield leaks.

Henderson shares in a tweet that EA's recent players are recieving surveys, asking their thoughts on certain gameplay mechanics and structures. He states that these details are in direct connection to the Battlefield franchise.

So, with this information, it's safe to assume that these details are currently in talks to come to Battlefield 6.

The mechanics in the survey are as follows:

  • A Battle Pass
  • A Platoon/ Clan system
  • A Free-to-Play element
  • Evolving Maps
  • Weapon Blueprints

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Battlefield 6 survey leaks game details
Battlefield 3

Of course, this survey doesn't directly confirm anything that's coming to Battlefield 6. However, if any of these features perform well in EA's polls, it's safe to assume it'll enter talks to join the game.

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It's an exciting sentiment, as these features could ultimately join Battlefield 6 thanks to fan demand. That means we could all have a say in how the final product looks.

We're glad EA and DICE are talking to the fans to figure out what's best for Battlefield 6. It's clear they want this to be a product that fans love, and we're positive we will.

We might not have to wait too long until we see the first details of the game, too. A Battlefield 6 reveal date has leaked already, and it looks to be soon.

The reveal could easily be right around the corner, as a Battlefield 4 Easter Egg was recently reactivated. Does this mean that there's a direct connection between Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 6?

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