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Battlefield 6 Setting Could Have Been Revealed in EA Teasers

These hints could have revealed the setting of Battlefield 6.

Battlefield fans are already aware that a new title in the series is in development. However, EA is keeping the game under wraps at the moment.

Although, players have found a couple of hints that could point towards the setting of the upcoming Battlefield game.

battlefield 6 leak

Battlefield 6 Setting Revealed?

There have been leaks already revealing that Battlefield 6 could be set in the near future, but players were still left asking where.

YouTuber DANNYonPC has released a new video revealing what he believes to be the new setting for Battlefield 6. He analyzed a clip from a recent EA Play teach demo as well as a skin from Battlefield V.

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Firstly, the man in the EA Play tech demo has numbers on his forehead. It is very difficult to spot during the video, but slowing it down and zooming in shows that he has the numbers 50.2807 in between his eyebrows.

These are in fact the coordinates of a place in Kazakhstan.

battlefield 6 leak

The release date of the new Battlefield game has also been hinted at by a mysterious YouTube channel.

Next, DANNYonPC took a closer look at the Eidolon easter egg skin in Battlefield V. This also has a hint that points towards Kazakhstan.

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The skin has a medallion on it which also has numbers on it – this time in Roman numerals. Using these numbers as coordinates also leads to a location in Kazakhstan.

This Battlefield 4 easter egg reactivating could also be a hint towards Battlefield 6.

Will Battlefield Be Set in Kazakhstan?

It is impossible to tell whether these hints towards the Battlefield 6 setting are true or not, as it could just be a total coincidence. However, there is no reason to believe that this theory is fake either.


Make sure to stay tuned for further Battlefield information and read about all of the other leaks so far.

According to leaks, Battlefield 6 will have amazing destructible environments. Meanwhile, Dr Disrespect thinks that a Battlefield 6 battle royale mode could be “incredible”.

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