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Battlefield 6 Rumor Reveals Free-to-Play Battle Royale, Multiplayer Details, Map Info & More

A new rumor has hinted at exciting Battlefield 6 details, including map info, multiplayer details, and even a free-to-play battle royale mode.

Recently, news regarding Battlefield 6 has been rather scarce. Many are eager for any snippets of information they can get regarding the next Battlefield installment. However, not so long ago we reported on a major Battlefield leak that revealed 128 player matches, a battle royale mode, and more.

battlefield rumor
(Source: EA DICE)

Now, it appears that the Battlefield rumor has been further circulated and is gaining even more traction amongst fans. Interestingly, the latest rumor appears to have also given fans a glimpse into the setting and time period as well as hinting at a potential release date window for the game.

Here is everything that we know about the latest Battlefield 6 rumor. Bear in mind that although Battlefield has officially been announced by EA, information is still scarce, therefore these rumors cannot be confirmed.

Battlefield 6 Rumor Hints At New Multiplayer Details

Interestingly, Battlefield 6 is rumored to be a series reboot. This means that the next game will be quite different from what has come before it. However, a new rumor is circulating that may have already revealed new details regarding how the upcoming game will differ.

Recently we reported on a potential release date window for Battlefield 6, it appears that now a new date is circulating online. According to one source, Battlefield 6 may be aiming for a launch around March 2022. However, a teaser for the game could be coming this week.

Battlefield 6 Rumor
(Source: EA DICE)

Furthermore, a Battle Royale mode is rumored to be arriving with the launch of the game. Interestingly, some popular streamers are already hyped for Battlefield Battle Royale, for example, Dr. Disrespect claims that it ‘could be incredible’

On top of this, other information has also been gaining traction. The latest Battlefield game is rumored to be set in Eurasia in the year 2030. However, where the series will differ is in terms of the type of character fans will get to play as.

Battlefield 6
(Source: EA DICE)

Interestingly, credible leaker Tom Henderson on Twitter had the following to say regarding how the next game might work in terms of playable character:

(Source: @_Tom_Henderson_)

It appears that players may be able to choose their faction. Furthermore, players might be able to customize their own personal soldier and make their own in-game choices as to what kind of character they want to play as.

Battlefield 6 Map Details Revealed?

Similarly, the Battlefield 6 rumor has also suggested that there could be a whopping 13 maps. This will work well in conjunction with the 128 player conquest mode that we have also recently reported on. There could also be incredible fully destructible environments as part of these huge conquest maps.

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Furthermore, Xbox fans may be able to look forward to the release of Battlefield 6 on Xbox Games Pass, according to insider information.

Battlefield 6
(Source: EA DICE)

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It may also be worth mentioning that currently there is debate as to whether Battlefield 6 will be next-gen only or not. If Battlefield is as action-packed as its rumors suggest, it may make sense for the future of the series to make the switch to current-gen consoles.

Battlefield 6 is certainly shaping up to be quite the exciting game, and its battle royale mode may just blow Call of Duty: Warzone out of the playing field. Even though COD fans are currently enjoying traveling back in time for the latest Destruction of Verdansk Part 2 event.

(Source: EA DICE)

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The latest Battlefield 6 rumor comes from InstantGaming on Twitter, check out the full post down below to see the info for yourself:

(Source: InstantGamingEN)
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