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Battlefield 6 Rumor Reveals Natural Disasters Will Destroy the Maps

The next Battlefield game could feature natural disasters that destroy maps!

Impressive destructible environments are a trademark of the Battlefield franchise. However, the next installment in the series could be taking this feature to the extreme.

A new rumor suggests that Battlefield 2021 will have natural disasters that can destroy the maps!


Natural Disasters in Battlefield?

Well-respected videogames insider Tom Henderson has posted a new tweet, revealing that a huge new feature could be coming to the Battlefield franchise.

But first, be sure to check out the biggest Battlefield 2021 leak yet, which revealed loads of the game’s major features, as well as its title.

A previous leak already revealed that the next Battlefield game will have impressive destructible environments, but this new information shows that DICE could be taking this to the next level.

Tom Henderson’s tweet reveals that the new Battlefield game will feature natural disasters that will destroy the map in the game.

He also replied to the tweet with four images showing what kind of disasters players can expect. The game could include tsunamis, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, and even earthquakes!

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Unfortunately, Henderson did not give any more details about the natural disasters. However, if this is included in huge new battle royale mode coming to the game then it could be amazing.

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While this information is not confirmed yet, players can expect to find out more about the natural disasters when the next Battlefield is fully revealed. Both the announcement and release dates for Battlefield 2021 have been leaked.

Meanwhile, the new Battlefield game is clearly EA’s top priority. The company has delayed work on Need For Speed to work on Battlefield.

The natural disasters, along with all these huge new Battlefield 6 features will surely be a shock to Activision. It looks like the huge new Warzone map leak isn’t going down well with fans of the game.

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