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Battlefield 6 Reveal and Release Date Leak Alongside New Details

It’s a big day for Battlefield 6 leaks, and now we’re hearing more about the game’s reveal and release dates.

Battlefield 6 is one of the most highly-anticipated titles of 2021, and it’s not even been officially announced yet. As fans begin to tire of Activision’s handling of Warzone, as well as the lack of other next-gen FPS titles, anticipation is at an all-time high.

Gamers everywhere seem eager for Battlefield 2021 to come and take the market by storm. And recently, more details are leaking that prove that our excitement is justified.

Battlefield 6 reveal date
(Source: EA)

Today, we saw a major Battlefield 6 leak reveal an insane new game mode that will change the game forever. And if that wasn’t enough, another Battlefield leaker is detailing the reveal and release date for the 2021 installment.

Battlefield 6 Reveal Date Leak

In the past, we heard about Battlefield 6’s upcoming official reveal date. Now, a new leak is telling a similar story.

According to Twitter leaker THE_KOLIBRI1, a teaser and reveal trailer for Battlefield 2021 is coming between May 11 – June 21. With that in mind, fans have quite the wait ahead of us until seeing more about EA’s FPS.

The leak also goes into details about the game’s development history. If the leaker is to be believed, Battlefield 2021 is the biggest project that DICE has ever worked on.

In fact, another major title has already been delayed as EA focusses effort on Battlefield 6.

battlefield 2021
(Source: EA)

The leaker also confirms that 3 separate studios are all working on Battlefield 6. DICE is, of course, working on the main game, with DICE LA on post-game content, and Criterion working on specific game modes.

Allegedly, Battlefield 2021 was originally set for launch in 2018, one year after development began. However, Battlefield 5 released instead, with a shorter development time leading to many in-game issues.

Battlefield 2021 Release Date Leaked

The last bit of information revealed by THE_KOLIBRI1 is probably the most important section. After all, it seems that Battlefield 6’s incredible next-gen destructible environments leak was accurate.

But what’s more, it appears that Battlefield 2021 will not be called Battlefield 6.

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Many leakers seem to believe that the 2021 installment will simply have the title: Battlefield. And as for when Battlefield 2021 will release, the leaker has an answer for that too.

battlefield 6 release date
(Source: EA)

It appears that the release date for Battlefield’s next game will be October 25, according to a line of Morse code in the user’s penultimate tweet.

If this is true, Battlefield 6 will likely release before the leaked Call of Duty: WW2 Vanguard. And from the reception that game is receiving online already, even WW2 Vanguard’s return to the Modern Warfare engine won’t be enough to save it.

In case you missed it, a new EA survey is teasing a Battle Pass, Free-to-Play features, and more in Battlefield 6.

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