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EA Confirms Battlefield 6 Reveal for June, Release Window Revealed

New details for Battlefield 6’s release window are here, thanks to a recent EA earning’s call.

If you’re a die-hard fan of EA’s franchises, today’s investor call was a real eye-opener. Despite the publisher making no major reveals at the event, it did help shed some light on some of the company’s upcoming titles.

One of the most exciting reveals had to do with the Battlefield 6 launch, and the release window for the upcoming shooter. Previously, we heard that Battlefield’s trailer would arrive in June 2021.

(Source: EA)

Now, we know that to be fact. But EA wasn’t done just yet, as the company shares more details about Battlefield 2021’s release window and more!

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Battlefield New Details Revealed, Release Date & More

New Battlefield details are finally here, as EA reveals details about the next-gen title and its upcoming release window.

In today’s earnings report for EA’s Q4 2021 financial year, the company reveals new details about Battlefield’s upcoming title. In the new report, the company confirms that we’ll see the first official trailer for the game next month.

What’s more, we can now officially confirm that Battlefield 2021 will release sometime in Q3. And that means our Battlefield release date is between October and December this year.

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In the conference, EA refers to Battlefield 2021 as a “definitive next-gen experience.” However, one reveal about next-gen Battlefield would soon crush fans’ hopes!

(Source: EA)

According to EA, DICE has its biggest ever team working on the Battlefield experience. The upcoming title will feature “all-out military warfare”, and we can’t wait to finally set eyes on the trailer.

Meanwhile, the Battlefield Mobile game will also launch soon, and is now undergoing testing. EA expects Battlefield Mobile to launch before April 2022, meaning that it will also be present in this fiscal year.

Interestingly, we already have the full Battlefield 6 trailer audio leaking early! And EA very specifically gave us no comments about Battlefield’s upcoming free-to-play battle royale mode.

We also have brand-new images of Battlefield, thanks to a recent leak. We may have to wait a little longer to see some official footage, but the title is certain to be worth the wait.

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