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Battlefield 6 Reveal Date Possibly Teased on Mysterious YouTube Channel

It seems that we’re finally getting more Battlefield 6 news, in the form of a mysterious YouTube channel.

It’s safe to say that Battlefield 6 is one of 2021’s most highly-anticipated releases, and it’s not even officially revealed yet.

With Warzone feeling stagnant and Black Ops Cold War disappointing many, the market needs a major new FPS title. Fans of the genre are hoping that Battlefield 6 will come to fill the void, and we might not have to wait long for it to arrive.

(Source: EA)

However, despite EA being relatively tight-lipped on the subject, the company did let slip that Battlefield 6 is coming this year.

Now, a new source of information has arrived, although it’s rather hard to decipher.

Mysterious YouTube Channel May Be a Battlefield 6 ARG

As speculation continues to run wild online, a mysterious new YouTube channel may be teasing a Battlefield 6 ARG.

The channel’s name is ‘Phase 3 now active’ and its profile picture is a rather suspicious-looking 6.

The videos use a mixture of footage from Battlefield 4 and other additional media, to build creepy videos for a channel with under 650 subscribers. The channel does appear to be tied to Battlefield’s official Twitch account, and it has more than a few mysteries to uncover.

battlefield 6
(Source: EA)

In its latest reveal the channel teases a possible reveal date for the upcoming Battlefield 6.

And possibly even more exciting is the fact that Battlefield 6 could actually be Battlefield 2042!

Battlefield 6’s Reveal Date?

A video with the title ‘Time is running out.’ appears to reveal just when we’ll get our first official look at Battlefield 6. And if this is truly a Battlefield 6 ARG, March 23rd is the date we’ll be seeing the game in action.

In a past financial meeting, EA did confirm that a Battlefield trailer will be dropping this Spring. However, reputable leaker Tom Henderson believes that further Battlefield news will only arrive in May.

In the following video, audible Morse code reveals the following message:

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“You needed the help. You have 6 weeks to find the truth.”

Whether or not someone uncovers the true meaning of these mysterious video messages, it won’t be long until we learn more.

A second, visual Morse code message featured in the clip spells out: “Operatives awaken.”

In the past, a major Battlefield 6 leak revealed that the game would feature 128 player servers. The leak also contains interesting information about how EA will handle the cross-gen and battle royale aspects of the game.

With players possibly saying goodbye to Verdansk in Warzone Season 2, this is make or break time for Battlefield. If EA can hit it out of the park with a new Battlefield title that captures the success of older games, it may have the staying power to compete with other AAA titles.

A bit of healthy competition never hurts, especially as Warzone players report hacking in every single game these days.

It’s important to realize that this YouTube channel is certainly creative, but it’s in no way 100% confirmed legitimate. Temper your expectations for now, but be sure to stay tuned.

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