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Battlefield 6 Official Announcement Date Revealed By Leaker

It won’t be long until we get to hear more about the upcoming Battlefield 6, as one established leaker reveals the announcement date.

Battlefield 6 is one of our most anticipated games of 2021 – and for good reason! Many gamers are growing tired of Activision’s Call of Duty formula, and there’s a gap in the market for real competition.

There aren’t many titles that can go toe-to-toe with the long-running franchise, but Battlefield is certainly one of them. Known for its massive maps, huge servers, and fully-destructible environments, this series has been a fan-favorite for years.

(Source: EA)

And lately, a major Battlefield 6 leak reveals that the game will be bigger than ever! What’s more, the leak also suggests that Battlefield 6 will have a battle royale that can compete with Warzone.

Battlefield 6’s Official Reveal Date Leaked?

Now, a new leak reveals what looks to be Battlefield 6’s official reveal date.

Established leaker Tom Henderson always has insider information where Call of Duty and Battlefield titles are concerned. In fact, the known Battlefield 6 leaker even got banned on Twitter for sharing too much about the upcoming title.

According to Henderson, there’s something big coming on May 7th, and fans believe that it’s likely the Battlefield 6 announcement date. Since EA’s recent financial report call confirms that Battlefield 6 will be revealed in Spring 2021, we can see this being true.

Battlefield 6 reveal date
(Source: EA)

Henderson does preface the tweet with ‘PREDICTION time’ but replies indicate that this could simply be a way to avoid further bans. However, a mysterious YouTube channel leaks that Battlefield 6 will be revealed even sooner than that!

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That same YouTube channel seems to indicate that Battlefield 6 is heading to the future. However, the game will still likely feature ‘modern’ gunplay.

And a new tech-demo leak reveals that Battlefield 6 will have truly next-gen destructible environments. From what we can see, this will be a big improvement over even the more recent DICE titles.

UPDATE: A May reveal for Battlefield 6 has been further confirmed by industry insider Jeff Grubb who believes it will occur prior to E3.

We couldn’t be more excited to hear more about the game very soon. Especially as fans are growing bored of waiting for new Warzone content.

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