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Battlefield 6 Leaker Suspended After Revealing Major Information

This Battlefield 6 leaker has been suspended on Twitter, following the reveal of a number of secrets about the upcoming game.

With 2021 bringing with it a brand-new Battlefield experience, players are anxious to see what DICE has in store this time around. Thanks to many fans growing tired of the Call of Duty formula, there’s a gap in the FPS market currently.

Right now, we only have limited information to go off when talking about Battlefield 6. Thanks to an EA earning’s call, we know when Battlefield 6 will be revealed and when it should release.

battlefield 6
(Source: EA)

However, we know little about the game itself. Things we do know, we’ve learned from leakers online.

And now, one prominent Battlefield 6 leaker is facing a suspension, which all but proves that their leaks were legit.

Battlefield 6 Confirmed Leaks?

Recently, leaker Tom Henderson was suspended on Twitter, after posting numerous leaks for Battlefield 6.

Although the leaker also tweets about Call of Duty, it’s worth noting that the user’s YouTube videos on Battlefield 6 are missing too. Therefore, it’s safe to assume that EA was the one to take issue with Henderson’s content.

This leads fans to believe that the leaks Tom Henderson posted were likely very accurate. And it allows us to confirm a lot of details about the upcoming title.

Battlefield leaks
(Source: Activision)

First of all, we now know that Battlefield 6 will be a return to a modern-day shooter. The game should act as a soft reboot for the series, and may even just have the name: ‘Battlefield’.

It also seems likely that Battlefield 6 will feature 128 player servers on PC and next-gen consoles. And the recent next-gen destruction rumors for Battlefield 6 may well also be true.

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These reveals do fit into what we already know about Battlefield 6 from EA’s earning’s call. By taking down the prominent leaker, the company may as well have confirmed the information itself.

But DICE may be doing a little leaking of its own, as a mysterious new Battlefield YouTube channel is teasing the Battlefield 6 reveal date.

What’s more, an old Battlefield 4 Easter egg is reactivating, leading to more speculation about the upcoming title.

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