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Battlefield 6 Leak Reveals Incredible Next-Gen Destructible Environments

It looks like Battlefield 6 isn’t shying away from the series’ destructible environments, according to this new leak.

Battlefield is a series known for its grand-scale combat and its incredible destruction. If you can see a building ahead of you, chances are you can bring it down.

So if a team of enemy snipers is camping the roof above your objective, one handy solution is taking the whole building down with them on top of it. A few well-placed RPGs and the construction will come crumbling down.

battlefield destructible environments
(Source: EA)

Now, it seems that Battlefield 6 is taking destructible environments to a whole new level, a new leak is suggesting.

And if this turns out to be correct, even the new Warzone map won’t be enough to keep players interested in Activision’s battle royale.

Battlefield 6 Will Feature Insane New Destruction Physics

In a new leak, one FX Artist shares an insight into what they believe is Battlefield 6’s production. According to the insider, they were recently shown a tech demo on the Frostbite engine, which could very well be for an upcoming modern-day Battlefield.

In a recent meeting, the FX Artist was shown some footage of next-gen real-time destruction technology. The new feature is possible thanks to the power of modern consoles and it’s reportedly something to behold.

While the leaker doesn’t work in the games industry, they claim to be an avid Battlefield fan. So when the opportunity arose to see some of the Frostbite engine in action, the user knew what they’d be witnessing.

“They showed us some very brief footage, similar to the tech demo shown at the EA show last summer. It featured a modern looking, glass front building toppling forward from a series of explosions on the ground floor. The building topples onto a truck parked in front and buries it in rubble, and for a real-time, interactive destruction sim it BLEW MY MIND.”

battlefield leak explosions
(Source: EA)

Reportedly, the rest of the meeting was spent discussing their new destructible environment that is present in an “upcoming shooter.”

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In the map, every building is destructible in real-time through user interaction. What’s more, even one explosion is enough to topple a building provided that it’s a large enough blast.

Battlefield’s upcoming project will also feature realistic fluid and pyro simulations, as well as more realistic smoke and debris.

Is This Battlefield 6 Leak Real or Fake?

It’s worth taking this leak with a pinch of salt, however. Reddit user FXFreax21 gives no evidence to back up their claims.

They also report some major details about their job position, that could potentially get them in trouble later down the line. Of course, even if the story does turn out to be true, there’s also no guarantee that the footage in question was for Battlefield.

battlefield destructible environments leak
(Source: EA)

However, with a new leak suggesting that Battlefield 2042 is heading to the future, we can see this being an early test of the new mechanics.

We already know that Battlefield 6 will feature 128-player servers, with incredible cross-gen action. And the game will also reportedly feature a battle royale to compete with the dominance of Warzone.

Finally, we know it’s not long until the Battlefield 6 trailer and release date announcement. Thankfully, we’ll be seeing those destructible environments in action in just a few months’ time.

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