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Battlefield 6 Leak Suggests Futuristic Setting, Title, Influences & More

A huge reveal from a well-known leaker has suggested many huge additions to the Battlefield franchise through its latest title.

Battlefield 6 is shaping up to be one of the very best that the franchise has ever offered. And quite frankly, it's also looking to be the defining shooter of the latest generation of gaming.

After EA delayed another major title to work on the new Battlefield, fans are expecting the game to be incredible.

Ever since a major Battlefield 6 leak revealed 128 player-games, battle royale, and more, fans have been clamoring for new details about the upcoming title.

And as some leaks have suggested that the game could take place in the future, fans are growing more intrigued by what such a setting could do for the franchise.

Huge Battlefield 6 Leak Suggests futuristic setting and more
Battlefield 4

Well, as it turns out, more leaks suggest that a futuristic setting for the game might not be so far-fetched. A new leak has been revealed by a notorious insider Tom Henderson that suggests the future could be next on the slate for Battlefield.

Major Battlefield 6 Leak

Tom Henderson has released an extended newsletter, revealing his findings on the game. It's an interesting read and offers a lot of insight into how the game could look.

This insider is a reliable source when it comes to Battlefield leaks. One of Henderson's Battlefield leaks got him suspended on Twitter, leading fans to believe it was entirely credible.

Here's our summary of the points that Henderson has brought to light.

Battlefield 6's Title & Setting

Henderson suggests the title of the latest Battlefield game at the very start of the newsletter.

He asserts in the leak that rather than Battlefield 6, the game will simply be titled BATTLEFIELD.

The game takes place around ten years from the present day, allowing the developers to experiment with weapon and vehicle types that are currently in military development.

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Huge Battlefield 6 Leak Suggests futuristic setting and more
Battlefield 1

He suggests it's similar in execution to Call of Duty's Black Ops 2, which takes place in 2025, 13 years ahead of its release date.

We should expect drones, jets, and military robots to be of use in the game. We're also informed that the game will not be a "hub" for other Battlefield games but its own experience, contrary to some leak's suggestions.


The campaign of Battlefield will be "revolutionary". It won't focus on the typical "good vs evil" archetype that many similar titles offer, and divulge from the mandatory assistance to USA powers.

Instead, you are a part of a specialist unit that can be recruited by either the USA or Russia throughout the campaign. Seemingly, you'll have the ability to assist both. Your team is basically a group of combatant freelancers, allowing you to skew into both sides of the story.

The ability to assist either global superpower is an interesting take on the structure of the realistic shooter. Plus, it's noted that the campaign experience will be available as a co-op experience, so you can jump into the story with your mates.


Henderson also comments that Battlefield's Multiplayer will feature immense battles, and has been described as "Battlefield 3/4 on steroids".

Additionally, there will be a much-speculated battle royale mode coming, but it will be fully separate from the multiplayer mode.

This mode won't use the "Firestorm" name, and will be a whole new experience.

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Huge Battlefield 6 Leak Suggests futuristic setting and more
Battlefield 1

Players will still play as 4 different types of soldiers, but will now have an "abilities" system akin to that of Call of Duty's perks.

Henderson uses the examples of a scout soldier having silent footsteps, and assault soldiers having a longer sprint duration.

This is an interesting addition to the game, and will offer more diversity in player types beyond weapon choices.

That's everything suggested by Henderson's newsletter. They're interesting tidbits that help us to piece together what the finished Battlefield title will look like.

It's not the only Battlefield 6 leak that's gaining traction, though. One new leak has shown off an incredible new game-changing game mode for Battlefield 6.

Finally, a reveal and release date has been leaked for the new Battlefield, among other details.

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