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Battlefield 6 – Insider Reveals New Map, Movement & SBMM Details

An industry insider has revealed some more exciting details about Battlefield 6.

The hype surrounding the next Battlefield game continues to build ahead of its official trailer. While nothing concrete has been announced about the game so far, we have plenty of leaks to get excited about before the trailer comes out.

Reliable industry insider Tom Henderson has now revealed even more details about what to expect from Battlefield 6 in his latest stream. This includes new information about the maps, movement mechanics, and the dreaded SBMM.

None of this information has been confirmed yet, so it is just rumor, but it comes from a trustworthy source.

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Battlefield 6 Maps & Levelution

Firstly, Henderson claimed to know some details about the maps in the new Battlefield game. While we know that the environments will be even more destructible than before, Henderson also claims that the maps will have day/night cycles.

This detail would be a great way to make the Battlefield 6 maps feel alive.

Additionally, there will be a dynamic weather cycle to go along with the rumored natural disasters that will destroy maps.

This ties in nicely with the returning Leveluiton feature which will mean the maps will change during the course of a match. Henderson said: “Levelution will not be a ‘gimmick’ as in Battlefield 4, it will be more like a part of the core game”.

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A Faster-Paced Battlefield Game?

Interestingly, Henderson also reveals some details about movement in Battlefield 6. He claims that the movement will be much more “fluid” than previous entries in the series and compares it to Call of Duty.

Henderson also confirmed that, even if the next Battlefield will be set in the future, there will be no jetpacks. However, there will most certainly be robot dogs!

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Will Battlefield 6 Have SBMM?

In the stream, Henderson also details how he thinks matchmaking will work in Battlefield 6. Unlike Call of Duty, which has very strict skill-based matchmaking for individual players, he thinks that it will have team-based matchmaking.

This claim means that players of all skill levels will be put in lobbies together, but the matchmaking will try to make sure each team is of a similar average skill level. Strong SBMM would also be difficult to implement as it looks like Battlefield 6 will be next-gen only.

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Again, none of this information has been confirmed so take it with a grain of salt. But even if any of this is true, it seems like the new Battlefield will be amazing!

battlefield 6

Meanwhile, even top streamers are excited about the prospect of Battlefield. Dr Disrespect thinks that BF6’s battle royale mode could be incredible.

Finally, Battlefield 6’s battle royale will have some huge competiiton with Warzone. Players love the new Verdansk ’84 map.

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