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Battlefield 6’s Battle Royale Could Be Incredible, Claims Dr Disrespect

One of Battlefield 6’s most anticipated features is its battle royale, and Dr Disrespect thinks it’ll be incredible.

Battlefield 6 is the focus of a great deal of discussion, despite the game not even being announced just yet.

That’s not to say that we don’t know it’s coming, a recent EA earning’s report confirmed the existence of a Battlefield game in 2021.

But already, fans are hyping up the game as a successor to the Call of Duty franchise. With many gamers finding Warzone and Cold War to be massive disappointments, we’re ready for DICE to take the reigns.

battlefield destructible environments leak
(Source: EA)

And a massive Battlefield 6 leak reveals that the game will have a battle royale mode, on top of 128 player multiplayer and more. This is certainly getting fans excited, as it could be just the competition Warzone needs to kick itself into gear.

But Dr Disrespect may be making the switch to a Battlefield battle royale entirely.

Dr Disrespect Shares His Thoughts on Battlefield 6’s Battle Royale

With all the recent leaks, Dr Disrespect is already looking forward to the Battlefield 6 battle royale.

In case you’ve missed them, we have a collection of major Battlefield 6 leaks right here.

In a new stream of Call of Duty: Warzone, the two-time champion shared his thoughts on the upcoming EA game:

“I just feel like… EA’s gotta be working on some awesome battle royale experience with the Battlefield IP. It’s just a no-brainer at this point.”

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dr disrespect battlefield 6 battle royale
(Source: Dr Disrespect)

The streamer goes on to say that he believes the Battlefield engine, alongside the franchise’s tools and technology, could lead to a “pretty incredible” battle royale.

And it’s true, especially given the Battlefield 6’s next-gen destructible environments leak. Imagine a battle royale where you can tear down buildings with enemies still inside them.

What’s more, Dr Disrespect points out that “EA and Activision have always gone back and forth competing directly in the FPS genre.” Perhaps it’s time for EA to take over, following Activision’s year in the spotlight.

With Warzone being full of glitches with every passing update, and hackers still running rampant, perhaps a new battle royale gives the game some much-needed competition.

At least if Battlefield 6 doesn’t manage to live up to the hype, it encourages Activision to work hard to keep its fans happy. Right now, Raven Software is implementing another major ban wave for Warzone users.

Can’t wait to hear more? Thankfully, the Battlefield 6 reveal date may have already been teased.

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