Battlefield 5 Update 1.32 is coming tomorrow, EA DICE has confirmed in a recent post. It will introduce a host of new changes to the game, although most of the new content won’t be available until February 6th, 2020. Here are the official patch notes for Update 6.0 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

The file size for this patch varies depending on your platform and region, just like any new update. EA hasn’t yet announced the file sizes for this, but we’ll update this article once they do.

What’s New in Battlefield V Update 6.0?

Although some new content isn’t available as of yet, Chapter 6 has still been implemented into the game. That being said, all of its elements are now available within the in-game files, so you can play the new content as soon as it goes live.

  • New Map: Solomon Islands is now available on Conquest, Breakthrough, Squad Conquest, and Team Deathmatch
  • Weapons: Type 11 LMG, Model 37, and M2 Carbine.
  • New Gadgets: Lunge Mine and M1A1 Bazooka.
  • New Elites: Misaki Yamashiro, Steve Fisher, and Akira Sakamoto.

In addition to the new Chapter 6 content, this update has introduced an abundance of highly-anticipated bug fixes. One such improvement has been made to the online server connectivity. An issue that kicked some players out of a server 30 seconds after joining it has now been resolved, according to DICE.

In terms of map changes, Wake Island has undergone a few substantial edits. One of these has decrease the number of tanks that now spawn on the map in Breakthrough. On Outpost, there’s now a bug fix live to prevent players from getting stuck if the tower is destroyed.

As for weapon improvements, the Grease Gun has undergone a few audio edits on its suppressor. Another fix has prevented an issue where the AP Mine wasn’t working properly in Firestorm. Not only this, but the Ross Rifle and Type 99 guns have been balanced, so their muzzle velocity is now 750, where it was originally 600.

Battlefield 5 Update 6.0 Patch Notes List (Image 1)
Battlefield 5 Update 6.0 Patch Notes List (2)

The official list of patch notes for Battlefield 5 Update 1.32 is from EA DICE. You can check them out for yourself via the EA forums.