The latest chapter in Battlefield V has introduced a brand new map, known as Solomon Islands. It’s available to everyone, and it seems as though EA DICE saw this as a perfect opportunity to add a new easter egg or two.

This is not the first time DICE has introduced new easter eggs with the release of a new map. If you think back to Wake Island, the developers added a crab rave to the mix. With this in mind, fans have been scouring the newest update for any hidden secrets.

On the Soloman Islands map, fans have discovered a new Predator easter egg. Little information is known about the hidden feature so far and the hunt is still ongoing, but let’s investigate for further details.

The Battlefield V Predator Easter Egg

So, what does this new easter egg include? You’ll want to be looking for a predator of some sort. It would seem as though it involves a predator randomly appearing in some, way, shape or form. With that being said, it’s important not to be deceived by its name, as it could entail something entirely different.

Usually, with new easter eggs, there’s a series of steps you’ll need to first complete in order to find it. The Battlefield 5 Predator easter egg appears randomly, however. Niklas Åstrand, the senior designer at EA DICE, notes that “it has nothing to do with what you do.”

It’s unclear as to what the easter egg entails as no one has actually found it as of yet, but at least we now know there is one hiding beneath our eyes. For now, there’s been no new footage of the suppose predator we’re looking for, but given the determination of the Battlefield community, it probably won’t remain as a secret for too long.

It appears as though the only way you can discover it is through playing the Solomon Islands map and merely keeping your eyes peeled. It’s important to note that it’s not always guaranteed to show up as well.

Anyone who is lucky enough to screenshot or capture the easter egg in action will receive a free Battlefield tee-shirt as a reward, Åstrand has confirmed.