At least a few more chapters have practically been confirmed for BFV. With this in mind, we have detailed everything we know so far below, including the Battlefield 5 Chapter 6 release date, maps and what to expect. In addition to this, we have also compiled our predictions for the Battlefield V 2020 Roadmap.

A short while ago, EA DICE confirmed that a new Battlefield game will be coming out by 2022. Fortunately, the developers also confirmed that they will continue to roll out new content in 2020. This essentially means that at least a few more chapters are coming to the game, but very little official information is available at the moment.

When is Battlefield 5 Chapter 6 coming out?

A common question within the community is when is the Battlefield V Chapter 6 release date. Although DICE hasn’t officially confirmed it, the chapter is most likely going to launch at the end of January 2020 or the beginning of February.

This is due to the fact that Chapter 5 is currently in its 8th week. While chapters usually last for 12 weeks, it’s safe to assume that players won’t be getting their hands on the next season for at least another month.

BFV Chapter 6 Maps

At the moment, we are fighting in the pacific with Americans and the Japenese in all-out-war. But what’s on the horizon next in World War Two.

Perhaps EA DICE will continue with the Pacific a little longer in Chapter 6. If there was to be another theatre change for the next chapter, then there’s always the chance of it being split. EA DICE has previously alluded to working beyond the Pacific a while back, but a whole new theatre would take some extensive development.

Eastern Front

There’s no doubt that DICE is already underway with developing the future of Battlefield 5, but where is the game going to go next? YouTuber Westie points out that they should take the battle to the Eastern Front, with conflicts between Germany and the Soviet Union.

The Eastern Front played a fundamental role in WW2. It featured numerous iconic locations that would be excellent maps to implement into the game, such as Stalingrad and Kursk. Stalingrad was generally an urban area, whereas the Battle of Kursk is renowned for its chaotic vehicle warfare.

Both of these maps would be widely acclaimed from the community if they were featured within Battlefield V Chapter 6. They will both provide different styles of gameplay, with one having a heavy emphasis on vehicles.

New Weapons

Assuming EA DICE introduced an Eastern Front inspired expansion, we would see the likes of the Soviet Union. Weapons which might resemble this are as follows:

  • PPSh-41
  • Mosin Nagant M91/30 Rifle
  • DP-28 Machine Gun
  • & More

New Vehicles

Here are the types of vehicles that were featured in the Eastern War. If EA DICE uses this as Battlefield 5 Chapter 6, here’s what you can expect to see:

  • T-34 Tank
  • Yak-9 Fighter Plane
  • & More

Battlefield V 2020 Roadmap

The official Battlefield 5 2020 Roadmap will likely release as we head into the new year, but in the meantime, here’s what we expect to see arrive next year.

Battlefield V 2020 Roadmap - Chapter 6

With every new chapter, you bet your bottom dollar that we’ll see an abundance of new maps, weapons, and vehicles. Alongside this, there will presumably be various different cosmetic items up for grabs as well.

In the BF5 2020 Roadmap concept, we have included our predictions for the release dates of the chapters.

  • Chapter 6: Start of February 2020
  • Chapter 7: April 2020
  • Chapter 8: July 2020

Regardless of this, we must remain skeptical until EA DICE officially announces the release dates. Battlefield V Chapter 6 is yet to be explicitly confirmed, let alone beyond that, so we must not get our hopes up too much.