The next chapter in Battlefield V will be available from tomorrow, and it will be EA DICE’s first content drop of 2020. Just like every new content drop, it will be free-to-play unless you wish to purchase the Battlefield 5 Chapter 6 Premium Booster Pack. This will grant players a head start, but it can come at a hefty cost.

Battlefield V Chapter 6 Booster Pack Contents

Most importantly, the Booster Pack will increase your rank for the chapter, ultimately allowing you to receive new rewards. In addition to this, the pack also provides players with a whole host of other goodies, including a bevy of cosmetic items.

  • 2,000 Battlefield Currency
  • Three Special Assignments
  • 20% Chapter XP Boost
  • Six Tier Catch-Ups to help with Chapter Rank progression.
  • Two Epic Soldier Outfits: Overlord (U.S.) and Homeland Guardian (Japan).
  • Gilded Epic Weapon Skins
  • Corsair plane with the Spectacle paint job.

How Much Does it Cost?

You can purchase the pack via the in-game store. There’s no word on a price as of yet, although the premium pack typically costs $29.99, while the standard┬áis $4.99.

Overall, the pack doesn’t offer anything too substantial or different to other booster packs. It shouldn’t grant players with too much of a competitive advantage, but this is a good thing to prevent pay-to-win mechanics from entering the game.

One of the most valuable rewards in this pack is the 2,000 Battlefield Currency up for grabs. 2200 Battlefield Currency usually costs around $15. With this mind, this pack is still worth taking into account, even though it doesn’t offer a competitive edge.

Fortunately, you’ll be able to play the next chapter as soon as it’s made live. This is because EA DICE has already added the files into the game via the most recent update. Accompanied by the newest chapter were plenty of changes to the quality of life and bug fixes.

SOURCE: EA DICE Official Website