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Battlefield 2042 Players Not Getting XP Bug – Developers Respond

Since Battlefield 2042 launched, several gamers have been reporting bugs on the XP received after each match.

Battlefield 2042 has finally launched. Millions are already bonding with their squads and joining Hazard Zone matches.

Just as its previous beta, the launch day of Battlefield 2042 has not exactly been a smooth experience.

As expected, bugs have started popping intermittently.

In particular, some gamers have reported a weird occurrence related to the XP they receive after each match.


Gamers Complain About XP Bug on Battlefield 2042

Many players have complained that they are not receiving any XP after finishing a match on Battlefield 2042.

This occurrence seems to be intermittent for some. One gamer reported that around 80% of the matches played were not generating any XP.

EA has been fixing issues constantly today. Earlier, players reported a bug related to Dozer’s Ballistic Shield.

Although, so far, this particular Battlefield 2042 XP bug has not been officially addressed.

At this moment, the cases seem to be isolated. Thus, it might take some time before EA identifies this.

Some gamers on Twitter are experiencing the same XP bug on Battlefield 2042.

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Furthermore, some complained that they had a great match but received no XP from their success.

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One particular player stated that this also happened during the beta phase.

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As time goes by, more and more cases join the list of affected users.

Considering the rising amount of users affected, it is almost certain EA will pronounce about this situation soon enough.

Update – Nov 11, 5:12 PM ET – EA has now addressed the issue. This bug is affecting 128 Player Servers according to the official report. In addition, EA advises that gamers play on smaller servers for the time being.

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