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Battlefield 2042: All the Ways You Can Be Mini-Map Spotted by Other Players

There are some shocking ways other players can spot you in Battlefield 2042’s mini-map.

Battlefield 2042 continues to struggle after a rocky launch. Gamers have constantly voiced their concerns as EA and DICE try to make things work as intended.

The developer has experimented with many ways to keep players interested. Recently, a 64 player limited-time mode was released, and it has virtually killed the 128 player mode.

These efforts on DICE and EA’s behalf have unfortunately not stopped the landslide of feedback coming from fans. In its current state, many things do not work as intended or at all in Battlefield 2042.

Part of these surprising issues includes some things that can help others spot you on the mini-map.

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Things That Can Get You Spotted on Battlefield 2042 Mini-Map

This information was shared by content creator JackFrags. In his video, he identified many things that surprisingly make you pop up on Battlefield 2042’s mini-map.

1. Supressors Do Not Work as You Think

You might think that all suppressors prevent you from getting detected in the mini-map at all times. But, this is not the case.

The following suppressors will make you appear in the mini-map if you are in a range of less than ten meters away from a target:

  • 6KU Suppressor
  • Wrapped Suppressor

After shooting, if you are in a less than ten-meter range from your opponent, you will show up for five seconds in their mini-map. Thus, making it a way to get spotted in Battlefield 2042.

This behavior is not observed with the Type 4 Heavy Suppressor and the PB Heavy Suppressor. It is not clear if EA and DICE are already aware of this situation or if this is intended Suppressor behavior.

Although, none of these suppressors clarify this information in their description. The description simply states suppressors prevent mini-map spottings.

2. Boris’ Turrets

If a Boris Turret spots you, you will show up for four seconds in Battlefield 2042’s mini-map. In addition to this, these turrets grant a 3D spot visible through walls.

If you want to avoid these turrets, you can do so with a smoke grenade.

Tip: If you shoot inside the smoke area after using a smoke grenade, you will not show up on the mini-map.

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Battlefield 2042 Specialist Navin Rao

3. Paik’s EMG-X Scanner and Threat Perception

Paik’s EMG-X Scanner spots anyone in range for seven seconds. Using this ability will also put you on the mini-map to make things even.

If you shoot someone using Paik as a specialist, Paik’s Threat Perception trait spots you in Battlefield 2042’s mini-map for five seconds.

4. Navin Rao’s Hacking

Rao’s hacking makes players show up for six seconds on the mini-map.

If you happen to die while hacked, you act as a virus once you respawn, spotting teammates on the mini-map for the enemy team.

5. Casper’s OV-P Recon Drone

This drone shows players it spots on the mini-map for a total of nine seconds, also adding a 3D marker.

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Battlefield 2042 Ji-Soo Paik

6. SOFLAM and Vehicle Spotter Seats

Any player spotted by SOFLAM shows up in the mini-map for approximately nine seconds.

If you use SOFLAM to track a vehicle and the players inside leave the vehicle, those players show up on the mini-map as well for ten seconds.

Vehicles like Nightbird and Wildcat have spotter seats. If you mark players with this method, they show up on the map for ten seconds.

7. Prox Sensors

Upon using this throwable item, it spots opponents on Battlefield 2042’s mini-map for a second. It has a minimal range, but it lasts for thirteen seconds.

These are most, if not all, the ways gamers can spot you on their Battlefield 2042 mini-maps.

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