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Battlefield 2042 Update 4.0 Full Patch Notes – April 19

Battlefield 2042 has its long-awaited update 4.0 arriving tomorrow – here are the full patch notes with every change coming to the game!

It should be no shock to anyone that Battlefield 2042 needs a lot of work. The AAA title released in November 2021 and was immediately met with massive complaints from the fans.

From empty maps, to broken hitboxes, to the unpopular addition of Specialists, Battlefield 2042 clearly wasn’t what fans were expecting. And after many fans spent over $100 on the game, it’s no surprise that players began demanding refunds.

Battlefield 2042 Specialist

After all, Season Pass holders still haven’t seen any benefit besides some free skins. And with Battlefield 2042 Season 1 still not here 5 months later, the game seems like a disaster.

Now, Battlefield 2042 Update 4.0 is here to fix some major complaints, with over 400 fixes coming to the game. But unfortunately, Specialists will never be removed from Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042 April 19 Update Patch Notes – Update 4.0

Here are the major patch notes for the Battlefield 2042 April 19 update – AKA Update 4.0.

General Changes

  • Added Voice Chat (VoIP) to Battlefield 2042.
  • Added End of Round Scoreboard.
  • Changes Made to Weapon Attachements to make them more unique and noticeable.
  • Assists now more easily registered for all players.
  • Fixed bug that resets player loadouts to default options.
  • Major HUD/UI changes & Fixes.
  • Animation fixes during takedowns.

Progression Changes

  • Adjusted Ribbons to make them easier to unlock.
  • Also increased XP from support actions, and decreased it for objective actions to compensate.
  • Cosmetics and Attachments now mark as New when unlocked.

Map Changes

  • Breakaway – soldiers will now spawn in the correct HQ area.
  • Hourglass – the tornado will no longer damage players inside Stadium.
  • Kaleidoscope – sprinklers are active for less time and deal no damage.
  • Orbital – rocket explosions will no longer have invisible fire damage.
  • Renewal – the storm should no longer affect soldiers inside buildings.
  • Reduced rubberbanding during key events.
  • Added sneaking and opening doors while ADS.
  • Fixes to elevator foors.
  • Multiple fixes involving falling through solid objects and areas where players could get stuck.
  • Reduces number of vehicles on several areas of maps.

Don’t forget, these major map redesigns are coming to Battlefield 2042 in the future too!

battlefield 2042 specialists

Specialist Changes

  • Angel – Supply Bag should now land correctly, and without bugging out.
  • Irish – Vehicles can now smash through deployed cover which is also more easily deployed on angled terrain. Fixes to APS-36 Shootdown Sentinel.
  • Dozer – Glitch involving equipping both Ballistic Shield and main weapon is fixed. Shield also nerfec to make Dozer vulnerable after being hit by heavy fire. Several Ballistic Shield bug fixes.
  • Rao – Cyber Warfare Suite made more responsive. Trait changed to Thread Perception ‘When Rao takes damage from enemy fire, he will automatically spot the enemy for himself’
  • Paik – Trait changed to Eagle Eyed ‘Players damaged by Paik are now spotted for everyone’
  • Casper – Recon Drone can now descend with Crouch toggle. Several fixes to Recon Drone.
  • Boris – Sentry Gun will no longer clip through elevators or survive a tank hitting it.
  • Sundance – Anti-Armor Grenades now stronger at locking onto close enemies. Sundance will no longer bounce off the ground when landing in certain areas. Invisibility glitch patched.
  • Falck – Can now equip Syrette Pistol while swimming and spawns pickup more reliably.
  • Mackay – Can now grapple moving vehicles more reliably. Several fixes to Grappling Hook and invisibility glitch fixed.

Weapon Changes

  • UI & Bug Fixes.
  • Increased PKP-BP recoil.
  • Increased SWS-10 light ammo damage from 35-40.
  • Fixed iron sight for DXR-1.
  • AC42 Bullet Damage dropoff increased.
  • AC42 effective range decrease.
  • DL7 and VCAR scope shake reduction.
  • Fixed inconsistent dispersion and recoil for weapons.
  • Bullets should also now deal correct damage values.
  • Reloads while ADS will no longer reset zoom.

It’s quite a lengthy set of patch notes, and you can read the full list of changes here. Most of the rest of the list just involves fixing errors.

It seems that DICE is still hard at work, with ‘almost everyone’ still working on Battlefield 2042.

But is the company’s effort worth it? After all, Battlefield 2042 just fell below 1000 players on Steam for the first time, and fans may not for Update 4.0!

Meanwhile, we just got a new leak for upcoming Battlefield 2042 Specialist ‘Hale’!

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Thursday 21st of April 2022

Well its the 22nd of April downloaded update but still cant get game! I paid $150 AUS for game on its release and now I cant get nowhere, its a hard kick to the privates to say the very least! Feel hardcore scammed and really looks like I will never ever buy anything from these muppets again!


Wednesday 20th of April 2022

AC-42 feels so bad now, i just don't want to play BF anymore due to such averhaul