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Battlefield 2042 Update 4.0 Early Patch Notes – Specialist Changes, Vehicles Nerfs, XP Fixes

It’s time for a new Battlefield 2042 update – here’s what’s coming in Update 4.0.

Battlefield 2042 has a brand-new update on the way, with over 400 changes coming to the game!

There’s no doubt that the title needs some tweaks. After all, just this week, Battlefield 2042 fell below 1000 concurrent players on Steam for the first time.

It’s a hard hit for what was once one of our most anticipated titles of 2021. Now, as DICE is still getting ready to launch Season 1, almost 6 months after release day, the developer is making big changes to the game.

It was only last month that Battlefield 2042 got its Scoreboard update after months of fan complaints.

Now, update 4.0 aims to improve Battlefield 2042 with some major changes.

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All Changes Coming in Battlefield 2042 Update 4.0 – Patch Notes

While the full patch notes will be dropping alongside the update next week, here’s everything we know about Battlefield 2042 update 4.0.

Specialist Changes

Specialists are getting some changes in Battlefield 2042 update 4.0. The Specialists system has received much criticism from the game’s player base since its reveal, and it’s still an unpopular addition to the game.

However, as much as DICE claims to be listening to player feedback, don’t expect big changes to come right away.

  • In Update 4.0, Rao and Paik are getting updated traits in order to better balance the Specialists.
  • Sundance is getting some tweaks to their Grenade Belt, allowing Anti-Armor Grenades to target closer enemies.

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Vehicle Nerfs

One big complaint about Battlefield 2042 is that vehicles are a little too powerful, making it impossible for ground troops to compete.

  • Multiple vehicles will be tweaked to ensure that infantry has more of a fighting chance.
  • Fewer dominant vehicles will spawn in certain areas of Battlefield 2042’s maps.
  • Bug fixes involving ADS when exiting vehicles and reviving near obstacles are also included.
Battlefield 2042

XP & Progression Fixes

Since launch, Battlefield 2042 XP has been a tricky subject. DICE initially promised that both Portal Mode and All-Out Warfare would allow players to progress and gain XP freely.

Then, just hours after launch, the developer drastically reduced Portal XP due to players farming AI. DICE even had to remove its own Battlefield 2042 Zombie mode due to it being an official XP farm.

  • Now Ribbons are getting tweaks to allow earlier unlocking across modes such as Rush.
  • XP for support actions and teamplay are also getting buffs in order to encourage players to work together.

Finally, Community Manger Kevin Johnson also reveals that Battlefield 2042 weapon attachments are getting some much-needed changes in order to better differentiate gunplay.

And thankfully, Voice Chat and an End of Round Scoreboard are also set to arrive with the new update.

We’re still waiting on the full patch notes for the ‘early April’ Battlefield 2042 update 4.0, but we’ll have an update of our own for you when they’re available. For now, this is the best we’ve got.

And while they won’t be present in this new patch, check out all the Battlefield 2042 changes coming with Season 1 here!

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