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Battlefield 2042 Upcoming Season 1 & Unreleased Weapons Leaked

A Battlefield 2042 datamine has revealed some unreleased guns as well as new weapons that could be coming in Season 1!

Battlefield 2042 launched with a whole load of problems. Luckily, one of the major issues with the game – the lack of content – will hopefully be resolved soon.

While DICE has delayed Battlefield 2042 Season 1 to focus on fixing the game, things are looking promising. Not only are the Battlefield 2042 maps getting huge changes, but there will be some exciting new content arriving in Season 1.

Thanks to a new datamine, we know some of the new weapons that could be coming in the Season 1 update!

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Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 Upcoming & Unreleased Guns Leaked For Season 1

Previous Battlefield 2042 leaks have revealed the upcoming Season 1 map, ‘Exposure’ and now some of the weapons that could be coming to the game have also been datamined.

Reliable Battlefield dataminer @Temporyal has shared a list of weapons that they have found within the game’s files. These are not yet usable in-game yet, but seeing them within the files means that they could come to the game soon.

These are the 6 weapons that could be coming to Battlefield 1 soon:

  • AM-17
  • CRB Scout
  • M45A1

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While it is unlikely that all of these weapons arrive in Battlefield 2042 Season 1, players will be hoping to see a few of them in the game. However, with the Battlefield 2042 player count dropping dangerously low, fans will worry whether players will stick around until then.

Although the long-awaited Battlefield 2042 scoreboard update will be dropping soon. This could bring some players back!

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Whether or not Battlefield fans are enjoying 2042, there is one thing that they can all get behind. Many fans of the series are desperate for DICE to remaster Battlefield 3 and 4.

Also, even if fans might think that Battlefield isn’t a flagship shooter anymore even before Season 1, it could make huge waves on mobile phones when it finally releases.

Some huge Battlefield Mobile leaks have revealed weapons, maps, game modes, and more. Hopefully, this will go down better with fans than Battlefield 2042!

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