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Battlefield 2042 Players Stuck in Menu Due to Unable to Load Persistence Data Error – Developers Respond

Many Battlefield 2042 players cannot get past the main menu due to an Unable to Load Persistence Data error.

It seems that the list of errors keeps getting bigger by the minute.

Battlefield 2042 players have seen an enormous quantity of glitches and bugs since the game launched.

At this moment, there are network issues, missing features, removed content, and even people still waiting to gain access to the game.

Some Battlefield 2042 gamers lost their patience and are already requesting refunds.

The situation does not seem to be improving, especially with the arrival of this new Unable to Load Persistence Data error in Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042 Unable to Load Persistence Data Error

Unable to Load Persistence Data Error in Battlefield 2042 – Cause and Solution

The Unable to Load Persistence Date error redirects players to the main menu of Battlefield 2042 after trying to connect to a server.

EA has already stated it is aware of this situation. The publisher explained that this is not a local issue.

Furthermore, EA expressed this is a remote connection issue on its side.

This means that there is little that gamers can do locally to resolve the problem.

Although, not all hope is lost. EA advised to keep on hitting Retry and attempt once again to join a server.

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This issue was recently identified. Due to this, there is still no set timeframe for a resolution.

It is affecting gamers randomly, so we advise you to keep trying to sign in to a server from time to time.

Gamers Affected by This Network Error in Battlefield 2042

The list of gamers affected keeps on growing. But, the issue overall seems to be intermittent.

Some gamers are kindly asking for a resolution timeframe.

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Other gamers are politely asking for a quick fix. Similarly, pointing out the low amount of hassle-free matches enjoyed so far.

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The fact that you had to have a membership or pay extra for the early access is not going unnoticed.

Overall, the Battlefield 2042 launch experience has been rough.

Update – Nov 13, 11:26 PM ET – EA stated backend maintenance took place to mitigate this issue. According to their official communication, this should reduce the number of times this error is encountered.

Although, it is still monitoring how the situation progresses to make further adjustments if necessary.

Gamers have reported everything from hovercrafts driving up walls to a bad audio design experience in Battlefield 2042.

We hope this Unable to Load Persistence Data error gets sorted out so gamers can enjoy the game as intended.