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Battlefield 2042 Ultimate Edition Raises ‘Pay To Win’ Skin Concerns

Will Battlefield 2042 feature ‘pay to win’ skins?

Most online multiplayer games now feature different skins that you can buy from the store to customize your character. However, some are better than others.

For instance, in Warzone, many players hate the near-invisible Roze skin because it gives players a competitive advantage.

However, it transpires that Battlefield 2042 could suffer from the same problem. Players are already worried about different skins in the game, thanks to the skin included in the Ultimate Edition pre-order bundle of Battlefield 2042.

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Battlefield 2042 Soldiers Dark

Pay To Win Skins in Battlefield 2042?

EA released a load of new information about Battlefield 2042 straight after the trailer dropped. All of the launch maps for Battlefield 2042 were revealed.

Additionally, EA shared how the new specialist system in Battlefield 2042 works. These are soldiers who have unique abilities and, quite importantly, will also have different skins you can equip to them.

In fact, in addition to skins, Battlefield 2042 will feature loads of other customization options in its Battle Pass and live service content too.

However, the skins in the game are already causing some controversy. This is because one of the skins included in the Ultimate Edition might give players a competitive advantage.

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Battlefield 2042

Midnight Ultimate Bundle Pre-Order Content

The Ultimate Edition of Battlefield 2042 comes with a load of skins, alongside new specialists, 4 battle passes, and early access to the game.

Plus, anyone who pre-orders the game can get access to the Battlefield 2042 open beta.

However, the all-black skin in the Midnight Ultimate bundle (which is included in the Ultimate Edition) could have the same problem as the Roze skin in Warzone. If difficult-to-see skins are locked behind a paywall, then players who spend more are given an advantage.

Hopefully, the skins in Battlefield 2042 will be purely cosmetic and won’t make players too much less visible. However, you can’t help but worry about problems like these, even if the Battlefield 2042 release date is still quite a long way off.

Do you think pay to win skins will be a problem or is this just an overreaction? Only time will tell.

Battlefield 2042 Ultimate Edition Contents

Meanwhile, DICE has answered the big question everyone is asking. Will Battlefield 2042 have a Battle Royale mode?

Additionally, Battlefield 2042 has been confirmed for PS4 and Xbox One, as well as next-gen consoles, but there’s a catch.

Finally, a rumor also suggests that Battlefield 2042 could launch on Games Pass. This would be huge for Xbox fans.

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