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New Battlefield 2042 ‘What a Time to Be Alive’ Trailer Features Tom Brady

There’s a new Battlefield 2042 trailer dropping today and it shows off a fun new take on the game’s marketing – and Tom Brady.

At this point we’re all just waiting to see if Battlefield 2042 can live up to the promises it made in its reveal trailer. Ever since the game’s official announcement, we’ve been waiting to see what the game has to offer.

Unfortunately, fans are rather divided when it comes to the game’s recent Beta.

It’s clear that the Battlefield 2042 Beta had a lot of issues to work on. But at its core, it could be an excellent shooter with a bit of polish.

Battlefield 2042 'What a Time to Be Alive' Trailer

Partner that up with the insane Hazard Zone reveal trailer, and the upcoming sandbox Portal Mode, and you’ve got a recipe for a AAA hit. But we’re seeing very little of those 2 modes where gameplay is concerned.

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Battlefield 2042 ‘What a Time to Be Alive’ Trailer

We’ve got a brand-new Battlefield 2042 trailer which looks like it’s made for TV, and even features an appearance by Tom Brady.

An unlisted video on the Battlefield 2042 YouTube reveals a new trailer named ‘What A Time To Be Alive’.

The footage is very different from past Battlefield 2042 marketing and looks like it’s made for TV. In it, we get a series of snippets from various Battlefield 2042 maps, with the game’s Specialists battling it out in all-out warfare.

Unfortunately, Battlefield 2042 fans want Specialists changed, or gone from the game entirely! They’re clearly not the draw that DICE had imagined they’d be.

Battlefield 2042 Tom Brady

Interestingly, Tom Brady makes an appearance in the new Battlefield 2042 trailer, as the MVP of the 2042 Superbowl. It’s interesting that we made time to host the annual tournament despite the world falling apart…

We just got an official reveal of the final 5 Battlefield 2042 Specialists at last too. But fans are already unhappy about this Battlefield 2042 Specialist having wallhacks for free.

And it seems that cheat providers have already made real Battlefield 2042 wallhacks too!

Thankfully, we now have confirmation that these issues will be fixed by Battlefield 2042’s launch!

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